Could we all be missing Ambrosie's CFL 5.0?

First - add in the XFL - then take on European expansion!

+What we need most is missing Ambrosie. Send him somewhere he can't do any more damage.

The fact that they can get a season in 2021 will be a miracle but it may not be enough to save Ambrosie's job.

I think as the COVID numbers are going . . . . less and less hopeful. Still hoping we could get a half season in after Labour Day but time will tell. We need fans!


Exactly a year ago we were talking about the season starting on time for 2020 and then as the weeks went by the talk was, "maybe we can play in a bubble with no fans in the stands" "we need a government bail out or loan to play" then it was "maybe September things will be back to normal"
Then the talk was let's look forward to 2021 and the Grey Cup in Hamilton.
We are back to where we were a year ago.
Only Doug Ford can save Ambrosie's job . If he doesn't give the go ahead for fans in the stands, the Commish is history.

May not be just Ambrosie done . . . could that be it for the league?

Druggie won't be able to save his own job the way he's been handling the Pandemic, let alone saving Randy's job