Could Vince McMahon/XFL be ploy/opportunity to be the Southern arm of CFL?

He tried to buy the CFL before the last incarnation of XFL. Just saying.

I suppose the implication of the question is that the CFL in the US then would overlap in schedule with that of other leagues in the US in the fall.

Not only would that be a tremendous resource challenge given all that is booked starting this weekend, but it’s been tried before with substantial and spectacular failure.

The overlap is not going to happen with the NHL playoffs, for if so it sure won’t be Canadian plus interest in the US via NBC Universal has grown also substantially.

Can’t see it happening. Agree the schedule implications alone would make it difficult.

Why launch a business plan in the spring just to move it to the summer/fall later. Something similar happened with a previous spring league and spectacularly died.

Now is Ambroise can convince McMahon to have the XFL change to the 3 down game then that would be the biggest feather in his 2.0 cap :smiley:

Woh now you are on to something!

Field length is far more a challenge than width.

One big problem is logistical though as it was in the expansion to the south of the CFL - most venues cannot accommodate the 150 yards of playing field length needed versus 120 not counting buffer area on the perimeter.

No, not going to happen.

If the XFL sticks around for more than a year, I think it would be a benefit to move the CFL season back to a July 1st start (approximate), so some players could play in both leagues. Young players who play on the special teams could see more playing time. If you had about 2 months between each football season, special team players and non-starters could play in both leagues.

For players that probably have no chance for the NFL paycheque, playing in the two leagues for a couple of years could not only help their development but it could help subsidize their pay until they can get into a starter role.