Could Thorpe bolt for BC?

[i]Herb (on his twitter) asked Thorpe about the BC HC job. Of course, Thorpe said he was focusing on the game this Sunday. But, if BC asked to interview him, the Als could not really refuse.

Does anyone think he would stay another year working for Higgins the happy idiot, when he could have the big job in BC?


Wetenhall better get his head out of his tobacco stained arse and offer him the HC job in MOntreal if BC makes him an offer. Could you imagine 2015 and beyond with Ned Flanders and no Carter, AND NO THORPE?!


Looking at the situation in BC. I think they will look on the offense side of the ball for a head coach. Otherwise they can just promote Mark Washington. At some point it is likely that Thorpe will move on. He followed his buddy Macciocia last time he left MOntreal. I just don't think BC is a fit.

I will be extremely surprised if Noel Thorpe was hired as BC Head Coach. For me, the main candidates,in alphabetical order, are:

George Cortez -if not hired, he could be the Offensive Coordinator of the REDBLACKS-
Paul Lapolice
Mark Washington


Wally Buono still casts a big shadow with the Lions. For instance he sits on a chair on a deck overlooking every Lions practice. Players questioned whether Benevides was really the Head Coach or if it was Buono. Any candidate will want clarity on that. This gives an idea:

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