Could this be us?

Article by Steve Milton in the Spec regarding the Flyers rebuilding:

Paul Holmgren stepped up to GM and has dramatically restructured his team in the way the Maple Leafs should have considered two years ago.

Now Holmgren did enjoy what, in hindsight, is an advantage in that a franchise accustomed and addicted to contending for the playoffs hit the absolute bottom and it became obvious that they would very early in the season.

They began rebuilding without fear of costing themselves a playoff berth and, in effect, this year began last year.

NO. We've stunk the place out for three years in a row. It has been apparent by the third game of every year that we would be non-competitive and we are. We tried to do what Philly did and blow up the team and the result is two wins. Until we get a coaching staff with a CFL mindset, this team is going nowhere.

That is alot more we need then just coaching imo we could have bill parcels here and itd be a 2 win season. we need ownership willing to spend a bit of $$$ a gm who doesnt take the first trade that comes along scouting that actually notices talent thatd be a good start b4 we blame soley coaching. in order to improve the flyers spent some coin in this offseason on young proven players. we havent done that theyve made some good trades in the offseason we havent done that. what we need is people here who know the current cfl proven players etc maybe the coaching staff is somewhat to blame but they havent exactly been given the talent to succeed

Oh for crying out loud. Anyone with a sound knowledge about the history of transitions in the CFL could have predicted what kind of season we would have with the kind of trades Desjardins made. How many rookies did we have??? Desjardins has tried to make a name for himself with incoherent reasoning in his trading history and instead has created the 2nd worst season in Cats history. For crying out loud get rid of him and put in Dan Rambo.