Could this be the worst yr ever for the CFL??

We lost bobby and leif.

We have another of the CFLs greatest alumni fighting serious cancer

Stars and starters are dropping like flies, many with very serious injuries.

And it cannot be a good thing for the league overall to have the east west be so lopsided, specially when its the east that is struggling, in standings, and to keep fans.

Its enough to make a grown man cry, often.

We also lost Don Wittman and Tyrone Jones.

It has been particularly tragic. I look around and there just doesn't seem to be a replacement for guys like Bobby and Leif and Don. I know we have many dedicated broadcasters and builders throughout the league, but the loss of Bobby and Leif and Don and Ty in one year is just too much too soon. And now that Ron is so sick, well, I just don't know what to think. I hope that a leader of some sort can step up and fill the void.

There have been years in the past when the East was weak. They'll be back. Montréal is a pretty good team and is doing well. Hamilton desperately needs a new stadium. That MUST be a priority in steel town.

Ottawa will be back in another year or two. That will help.

Here's to looking forward to a stupendous Grey Cup celebration to help lift the pall that so many losses has left over the league this year, and on the bright side, we have seen some fierce competition and very exciting games that can carry us through.

Yup, its overshadowed some of the great plays and catches that have gone on the field.

Whatever.... TV ratings are up 20 friken percent... That one positive makes all of those other issues seem moot.

Blin, did you miss the point of this topic?

The exciting games (i.e. the "product on the field") make all of those other issues, sad as many of them may be, pale in comparison.

Time stands still for no man, but they will be mist and talked about for a very long time.

It's too bad that this year, when we're seeing some of the most exciting football we've seen in some time, the league seems to have this dark cloud hanging over it. And unlike other dark clouds in other seasons, this is one that the league is not responsible for.

This may go down as being the CFL's best and worst season at the same time.

Just an awesome post.