Could this be Terry Cauleys last year as a Ticat.

the Hartford Courant has a Story about Ticat running back Terry Cauley's NFL aspirations.
I read info From Drews Blog. He posted the link to Story from Hartford Courant.

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Maybe later in year we should move Caulrey if we can .. If KK and Smith Can stay healthy we good depth.

Always liked Terry little guy big heart, lets wait until we see KK play with some consistency before we deal Terry.

I like Terry. I think he's a very talented player, but 2 years on the last place team in the CFL one of which was marred by injury. I don't know if there's going to a line-up of NFL teams waiting for him.

Solution: Sign A.J. Harris

Caulley is a fantastic player, in my opinion, and if he moves on to bigger and better things, good for him.

I'd hate to lose him. Sometimes he reminds me of Rufus Crawford and that can't be a bad thing. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

He is good but no one on this roster can't be replaced.

I would hate to lose him but if KK is the starter, this guy is only going to be in on spot duty.

If he wants to go to the NFL, let him. Just don't let him to to another CFL team.

Terry is unlikely to ever get a contract to an NFL training camp

  1. Terry has a history of injuries

...Terry knows his size [5' 8" 187 lbs] and susceptibility to injury are negatives.

He played through shoulder and ankle injuries his first year in the CFL
and missed four games last season because of his left knee.

"People in the NFL know he can play," one NFL scout said. "

But he's got to be able to put together a full year's worth of work.

He's been hurt each year he's been there.

That's the biggest issue with him, I think."

Also, I believe he sat out a year with injuries in college.

Caulley understands.

I guess people could use the injury-prone thing against me,
but you can't control what happens to you when you're falling forward.

This year he is saying,

"I thought I had two productive years in the [CFL],
but I got caught in a situation where things

just didn't work out for this year
[for an NFL tryout]," Caulley said by phone.

...Of course, I'd like to get a shot at playing in the NFL,
but playing in the CFL has been fine for me."

"This is the last year of my contract, so we'll see what happens," Caulley said.

"If all goes well and I have another productive year, maybe
there will be no question marks, no gray areas, no doubts.

I get signed, and I have to go out and perform to make the team."

[i]Next year, he's hoping for another shot at the NFL.

  1. [/i]Terry will be past the age NFL teams want
    to take a chance on players, even NFL veterans.

He will be 27 years old for the 2010 NFL season.[/i]

I agree with Ron. Terry's opportunity to crack an NFL lineup-- if he ever had a serious one-- has come and gone. His age and injury history don't make it likely he'll get picked up in 2010. He's a good back, not a remarkable one. I hope he plays well and stays healthy so he can make a good contribution here. If so, he can have a successful career and a decent living playing in the CFL. NFL pay and celebrity are probably beyond reality for him. If I'm wrong (as is often the case), more power to him.

I do agree that the likelihood is very slim but on a positive side looks like a motivated Caulley coming into camp.

I understand your concern but, no we do not deal him. Deal him and our fantastic depth at RB has been depleted in one offseason. It sounds like he's had his opportunity in the NFL and I'd be happy for him if he gets a chance there but it sounds like the odds are against him.

Even if he does go, we have him for this year, so keep him. We could get rid of every good player because they all have hopes of going to the NFL. That's part of the CFL, you have to deal with roster turnover but that's no reason to deplete your roster prematurely. In fact why don't we deal Prechae too because he has made it clear that his intention is to try the NFL in a couple years.

The days of a player signing with a CFL team and staying for a decade are pretty much over. I'm all for looking out for the future, but you have to also look out for the present. Trading Caulley would be foolish in my opinion.

One good game and Terry would be right on top again. I hope he gives KK areal run for starter. :thup:

INJURY PRONE, and very easy to replace an average ncaa R.B -!

Personally, I think that Caulley, when healthy is better than Kenton Keith. I know I’m in a minority, but
I see him winning the #1 running back spot for Hamilton.
What I can’t see, however, is an NFL team picking up on Caulley for the same injury prone reasons
that have plagued Lumsden’s career; not to mention that he is small.

This guy was made for CFL play!

He's a very good back when healthy but a 185 pound scatback with two major knee injuries, it would not be fair orwise to put that kind of responsability on him. Same situation as Lumsden minus the NI status.

This is about Caulley saying he "hopes" to be in the NFL. All players "hope" to be in the NFL due to the increased fame and salary. A similar article could be written about almost any pro football player not currently in the NFL.

Caulley is a great player, and I hope to see him here in Hamilton for years. Keith didn't impress me in his playing time (although limited) and Caulley has prooven himself both skilled and determined. If doesn't go on to the NFL, I'd love him to stay here in Hamilton. If he does make it, I wish him the best.