Could this be a new home for the Toronto Argonauts?

I see Toronto is working on the construction of the National Soccer Stadium at Exhibition Place at it looks like the kepted one side of the origional stadium.

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Now keep in mind that this is going to be for soccer, but it would be ideal for a second venue if Toronto choose to follow in Montreals footsteps by using a smaller stadium.
Of course 20 000 is a little on the small side but more seats could be added if the Argo's decide to move in.
Does anyone know more about this?

Here is another pic of what it will look like. The stadium is for the MLS league.

This from what i heard is going ot be used exclusively for soccer only, I could be worng

unfortunatly, it is much too small...the argos need a new stadium to house atleast 40,000 people.

they already get 10,000 more then the 20,000 this soccer stadium holds, and leaves no room for growing a bigger crowd.

What happens if the soccer team tanks? Expand the stadium to Argo capacity, whatever that is?

Fact is this stadium, with 25,000 seats, will be perfect for Argo games and then, like Montreal, they can play the odd game at
Rogers Centre. And 5,000 more seats won't be hard to add.
This will be the future home of the Argos, their basic fan base for most games is perfect for a 25,000 seater, like the Als.

Well if I heard that the Argos wanted a smaller stadium to play in to creat a high demand for tickets plus give the fans a more imtimate place to watch football.
True the stadium is a little to small for the Argos, Molson stadium is also to small for Montreal yet Montreal is having great success at Molson stadium.
If this new stadium were to add 5000 more seats which it looks like they can easily, then the Argo's will have it made.

I Think It Would Be A Good Idea To Play The Argos Exibition Game There (No Pun Intended). I Just Wondering Any Body Who Knows Toronto Well, Is That The Stadium Located Off Of King St. Between Bathurst And Duffin? I'm And East Ender But Recently I've Been Driving Out To The West End A Lot For Hockey And I Always Pass A Fairly Large Stadium On King St. Right Next To The Carpent Factory. And I Always Thought That Exibition Stadium WasCloser To The Lake And Actually In The Exibition Grounds.

dude wake up, that stadium has been planned for a while now, its owned by MLSE and they aint gonna let the argos play there unless they own the team or the argos pay a very expensive rent for its use. Im sick and tired of your expansion and stadium thread, GO AWAY, im sick of your milwaukee beer barons BS, it seems like you drank too much BEER BARONS before you posted, everyday its something different that you come up with, stop trying to act like you found some new secret stadium, this stadium has been in the works for the majority of this decade, and it wasnt built until now due to those crooks at MLSE and the city of toronto scamming the taxpayers.

Also the argos will stay at the rogers centre for a while, because they signed a new lease, they dont have to worry about inclement weather affecting the field, the blue jays promised them better home dates, and the rogers centre is in the process of renovations that will make it more football friendly, and there are renovations of the baseball and football lockerooms and there is going to be a new weightroom complex built for the athletes.


The Argos should move to the new stadium because Rogers Centre is on Blue Jays Way and the whole stadium inside is geared towards baseball ie. First base lounge, Third Base Lounge. They are second class citizens there, especially having to play in Paul Godfrey's stadium. At the soccer stadium, or football really since that is what soccer is called in much of the world, they will be true parters playing another form of football. The sooner they get out of the Rogers Centre, the faster they will get more respect. Then they can call the tunes when they want to play the odd game at the Rogers Centre if they think they will get a big crowd.

i think the only way the argos move there is if they sell the team to MLSE and then MLSe could control the team and do whatever they like. This stadium is geared towards soccer more than cfl football, they are going to have soccer academies, tournaments, leagues, soccer offices/stores, and it will be a permanent training ground for grassroots. If the argos move there they will basically be tenants that just play home games there, and nothing else, they wont be treated like its their home, the argos will still be practicing in mississauga.

But they don't have a home now at Rogers Centre and the fans will have way more fun in a 25,000 seater than the more cavernous RC. If you're not going to have your own stadium, then play in the one that best suits your needs and the soccer/football stadium will be that.

That's The 25 000 Fans That Get In, The Rest Of Us Have To Sit Out In The Cold And Watch The Game On The TV. I've Got Nothing Against Moving To A New Stadium But Not One With Less Seats Then We Fill Up At The Skydome. Also Toronto Fans Are Fickle, While Diehard Fans Would Rather Sit In The Cold The Rest Of Toronto Would Rather Sit At Home, Where The Beer Is Cheaper.

Well dont get nasty at me, I have the same interests as you do.
You should not jump on me just because I am taking part in this forum.
I am only being a fan.
And hey just because its old news to you does not mean we have ever heard of it.
It is new to alot of us.
Tell you what Ice, I will bet you that in two years, you will see the argos playing some of their games in there.
Just watch. Give it two years.

Don't Worry About Him, He's Just Mad That Everyones Jumping All Over Him For Supporting Bruce's Comments.

One big question... is there 150 yards to fit the 110 yd field plus two 20 yard endzones between those permanent stands on either end?

Could be a show stopper in the Argos ever using it unless FC Toronto goes belly up & the stadium goes on sale for $1...

It is a FIFA sized soccer field I would guess.
It should be more than big enough for a CFL feild.
Remember one side is from the origional Statium that Toronto used for the Argos befor the skydome. Plus only 3 sides have permanent
seating, one side is left open so the lenth of the field is not a problem.

My god no. It is built for and only soccer. The Agos are fine where they are. Again, MLS doesn't share. They have been sharing with football stadiums for a long time now and they wish to have thier own venues for once.

You surely can't be serious!

Serious about what?
Yes I am serious that used to be part of Exhibition stadium where the Argo's used to play.
Look at the picture, only 2 of the 3 sides are new.