Could they try Lancaster as a CHML commentator?

Obviously, Coach Sal is there already, and a three-man broadcast booth might be distracting.
Still, with Ron Lancaster set to accept a lesser role in the Ticats organization, I think it would be exciting to have him there.

Why MUST the team always have to try and find a place for Ron Lancaster? Geez, this guy has been fired from three positions in the last three years. Yet they just keep giving him another job. What kind of hold does this guy have on this team?! So, no, they should not "try" Ron Lancaster as a commentator. He's horrible on radio, with a poor attitude. I've never heard anyone slam his own team on air as much as he has as a head coach. As far as him being an "ambassador" for the team... :roll: Everyone BUT Ron has been shown the door when there time was up. I guess he will continue to haunt the team for another century.

The flip side of course is why MUST people read anything nefarious into the team's dealings with Ron Lancaster when most of the "dealings" are simply products of people's speculations?

If CHML wants to have Ron's talents as a broadcaster, I'm sure they will approach him.

If not, I am sure he will do a fine job in his new role in the organization. Period.

For me, he isn't Old Yeller. He's a legend. As long as the Cats have a place for him, that's good enough for me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree! Well, mostly anyways.

He'll be weeded right out in 1 to 2 years.

I'm speculating that those 3 firings weren't speculation on your part. :roll:

Hey Not A Bengal06,could you tell me what 3 jobs Lancaster has been fired from.I f I remember correctly Lancaster was the intirm coach this year because the Cats were in a bind and he offered his help to coach this year.He didnt want to coach,he was just helping us out.
I know he was relieved of his duties in at the end of 2003 I believe.That year could be wrong.
After that he was hired in the front office,so what 3 jobs has he been fired from?
I can only think of 1...

No, he was not speculating. My observation was most dealings between Ron Lancaster and the Cats brought up on this site are the products of people's speculations.

Hence the "flipside" comment. Someone brings up the possibility that CHML might look into bringing Ron aboard and the "show him the door" routine gets dusted off. Ron is still on vacation, so giving things a rest might be a reasonable call.

It's Charlie and Marcel's team. Get used to it.

Ron Lancaster does not "haunt." Tiger-Cat fans' garbage has had far more of an impact on the state of the franchise, the Tom Clements episode being one prize example.

Oski Wee Wee,

Fan banter and conversation has never been reserved to factual statements only. Speculation, whether it comes to fruition or not, is a right of the fan, whether or not you believe in fortune telling. each one of us approach the unknown differently. Take for example, the multiple opinions in many of your posts.

I'll be looking forward to poaching some cool names off Ron's roladex for our "meet and greet" in March..... :wink: .....we'll meet in your office Ron!

Additionally, I'd like to see Ron run a Ticats football camp each year for us fans......I'll volunteer as being the token "out of shape guy" he can point to as an example of how not to be..... :lol:

Good Luck to Ron and I'm sure he's going to have a blast in this role!....many of you don't realize how much fun he is away from the sidelines......he gets it from his wife!.....she's awesome and a total hoot!..... :smiley:

Well said.

I’m sure that the missing bit about “do not character assassinate or be a troll on” will eventually make the fan handbook too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not including anyone in this thread so far in that rubric, I’m simply observing that the right to speculate does not entail the right to rip anyone as a cancer – or even a malevolent phantom hovering over Balsam Street, for that matter. If people keep that suggestion in mind, things would be cooler around here. 4-14 is a b*tch, but I do believe the corner that can be turned around is within view thanks to recent organizational decisions.

Oski Wee Wee,

My observation is that most posting on this thread
dealing with the Cat's intentions for Ron Lancaster
are the products of people's bilious hallucinations.

Have him host the fifth QTR. :wink:

Now that Ron is out of football operations, I wish him much success where ever he lands.

His involvement on the business end of running the team was over a few years ago when he went public on CHML saying, "I don't give a damn what the fans think".

I felt then and continue to feel that he was out of line with this statement as the fans are the nucleus of the team's success or failure, even before the front office or the players.

Without the fans, there is no team.

I was willing to forgive this little oversight on Ron's part, but from that point onward, his attitude got progressively worse and it was good (for him) when he was kicked upstairs so Marshall could coach.

Away from football operations, Ron is a different guy, very affable and very forthcoming with his knowledge. I wish him well in his new endeavours and I look forward to his ambassadorship for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The team has, in my opinion, made the right decision regarding Ron's future and the future of the team. Lets hope they make some good decisions now regarding player personnel. I think they will!

There are those who believe Lancaster’s days as a CBC commentator in the 1980s represented the high-water mark (that being a good thing) for CFL colour commentators.

We could do a lot worse than to have him on the radio. I might actually start to wear headphones in the stadium. (Whether I could hear my radio over the loudspeaker noise is a different matter.)