Could there be a East to West crossover this Season?

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#Bombers announce that QB Drew Wily out 6-to-8 weeks with right knee injury. Was injured versus #Ticats on Sunday. #CFL

We are now over two thirds through the season
With the news of Willy out 6 to 8 weeks WPG is in trouble and SSK is a tire fire right now,
Of course it would have to be one of CGY,EDM or BC that would have to crash and burn to allow a 4th place team in the East to overtake the 3rd place team in the West
OTT, MTL, TOR, and of course HAM are all playing at a pretty high level right now

The way things are going so far this season it's a possibility, I don't think its ever happened before.
Hamilton and Ottawa battling for first, TO and the Als fighting for 3rd and a playoff.
Out West the Riders and Bombers out of it and the Lions inconsistent, so it could be Calgary and Edmonton with winning records and a real possibility of an East crossover.

It's possible I suppose, but I think the Lions are good enough to keep Montreal out of the spot

BC's Schedule is not friendly
2 of their 3 wins are against SSK
They only play WPG and SSK one more game each and then 2 games each against HAM, CGY, EDM, and MTL
and 1 game to OTT and then play TOR on the road at THF on OCT 30. :wink:

I agree with you. While the Lions have struggled early on, it has to be remembered that they have a number of young new players as well as a new HC and several new assistant coaches. I believe that only on the defense has the coaching staff remained pretty much the same. I do think that as the team adjusts they will improve throughout the season to have a record at least as good as the number 4 team in the east. With more teams in the west, I think an eastern crossover is not too likely.

In my mind way too soon to assume that Montreal will be the last team in the East. Every East team except Toronto (if Ray is on schedule) is one QB injury away from real trouble.

@Grover: The season is only 1/3 over, not 2/3 as you state. The Ticats have played 6 of 18 games. How many times does 6 go into 18? That's right... 3 times.

As for the topic at hand... it's certainly feasible for Montreal to take the place of Winnipeg or BC in the West semi-final. But this is the CFL, so the standings are rarely consistent. It's still totally possible for the season to end with a west team crossing over.

Also, OTT and TOR are simply not at Hamilton's level, and OTT especially likely won't retain the success they've had.

We are basing it on the way things are going right now. Don't forget that last year at this time nothing much changed between Week 6 and the end of the season. The Ticats were mediocre last year at this time and finished with 9 - 9 and three of them wins were against Ottawa, and the rest of the East was behind Hamilton even less mediocre.
I agree with you about Toronto. As for Ottawa you say they are not likely retaining their success, what do you base that upon? you give no explanation. You are letting last year cloud your judgement. Ottawa is a better team than Toronto. This year they actually have receivers that can catch the ball, an "O" line that seems to give Burris protection, a great punt returner and a stronger defense.

Ottawa has beat Montreal twice - Hamilton lost to Montreal
Ottawa has beat Calgary - Hamilton lost to Calgary

Well considering that both the Riders and Bombers(with Willy out) are already out of play-off contention and basically all but eliminated it will all depend on how well the Lions do the rest of the way. I myself doubt that the Alouettes can finish with more points than the Lions and have a major case of dissension in their ranks thanks to "Twinkle Toes" Sam and his kids glove treatment by Als management. Barring something totally unforeseen you would have to say that 4 of the 6 play-off teams this year will be the Cats and Argos in the East and the Stamps and Eskimos out West. So with the Riders and Bombers already unofficially eliminated that leaves Montreal,Ottawa and BC to battle for the two remaining positions with the odd man out joining the aforementioned other two missing the post season. My vote goes to the Al's as the team missing the play-offs out of the three.

So in answer to the question about a East to West crossover this Season......My answer would be a NO....3 from the East/3 from the West will be how the Play-offs will shake down this season. Alouettes/Bombers/Riders as non play-off participants this season. The Lions will wind up in 3rd making the play-offs for a 19th consecutive season and the Alouettes will miss the play-offs for the 1rst time in 20 seasons.The 2nd year REDBLACKS will make the play-offs in only their 2nd season of operation finishing up in 3rd place in the East. The top 2 teams in the East will be the Cats 1rst,Argos 2nd out West it will be Eskimos 1rst,Stamps 2nd................subject to change :wink:

OOOPS!!! Senior moment
Sorry if I confused anybody and made them think that the season is 2/3's finished. :wink:

I think we have the best possibility of a crossover to the West that we’ve ever had. My money is still on Ottawa doing the crossover if it occurs. I think Montreal will go on a run over take them for third spot.

With the league back at 9 teams it’s tougher for an Eastern team than a Western team to crossover. A fourth place West team has to only overtake two Eastern teams to qualify, while an Eastern team has to overtake three West teams. It is, however, not out of the realm of possibility this year with Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and B.C. all falling behind the fourth place Eastern team. By week 14, we should see if that scenario is still in play. Last year I ran a scenario with about 6 games left seeing if the West to East crossover could be eliminated, it was an extreme longshot, but wouldn’t you know it, it almost played out with the lone blemish being the need for Ottawa to beat B.C. on the road.

Making it more difficult for the east to cross over is that the fourth place eastern team doesn’t have the luxury of two or three easy games against a worse team in their own division to pump up their points in the standings. But the third place western team, the team that needs to be knocked out, would have two worse teams in their division, meaning at least four and possibly six relatively easy games.