Could the unthinkable happen?

Could the unthinkable happen? Might the Lions go win less at home in 2010?

A loss this Friday and the Lions will have only 5 home games to avoid closing out the season win less at home. Boy, would that be a page for the history books! Can you just imagine it? The Lions return to the old Empire Stadium site after 28 years and win not a single game at home during 2010 at Empire Field. So much for nostalgia!

The last time the Lions won at the old Empire Stadium site was on November 06, 1982. Back in '82 the Lions closed out the season [and Empire Stadium] by trouncing of all teams, Montreal. The final score was 32-16.

I've not looked deep into the archives so I don't know if the Lions have ever had a win less season at home. Perhaps someone who has the time could have a look.

This is suppose to be a year of nostalgia. You know, scenic mountain views, memories of Young, Evenson, Kapp, Fleming followed by cotton candy, roller coaster rides and hot dogs.

After the stands at Empire Field are dismantled [dismembered?] I want to have fond memories of the site. I want to drive along Hastings street and see and hear the imaginary cheers of screaming ecstatic reveling fans- not the wails and cries of shadowless darkened figures walking out of the exits like zombies.

beaglehound; from what I looked at/found in the archives is they haven't had a winless season at home. However, what I did notice is the longest streak without a win at home is 7 games from one season to the next.

No! It all stops here and now!! Instead, they will begin to mount the greatest comeback in Lion's history!! They will face their demons, spit in its' face, rise up and conquer, the Gladiators they are!!! (notice...the optimism for a change?)

yea team.

Nope, already won a game at home. I doubt they'll lose the next 5 so its not possible, worst we could be is 1-9.

[b]They did????

Which game was that Grims?[/b]

The Lions will win at least one home game against Toronto/Hamilton/Winnipeg. I just hope it's more than one...

You’re saying perhaps that B.C. loses against Calgary Aug.27th, Edmonton Oct.16th and Sask. on Halloween Night Oct.31st :?

we're starving for a win period. what is a win? I think they are way overrated and not really neccesary.
but I like our odds on Halloween - whoever we play.

I don't care where the wins come from as much as I would like to see us make the playoffs!

as things are now, what for?

It's no longer "unthinkable", seems rather "inevitable". Crowdwise, next year BC Place is going to resemble a highschool playoff game if something isn't done soon.