Could the Ticats and Argos ever negotiate on something ...

like this? Good on the Giants and Jets, makes perfect sense to me to do this:

Giants, Jets close $1.3B stadium deal

[url=] ... 13428_5064[/url]

Ticats and Argo in the same stadium? That would likely be the last game I ever attended. You simply cannot travel to Oakville from either direction. It would be a fatal decision for the Cats to go east

I hope you're all sitting down for this....

I have to agree with AC on this one. :wink: It wouldn't be possible for me to make it to Oakville for all our home games. I'd be watching on TV.

The Argos and Ti-Cats can agree on being last

and second last in the CFL again!

They agree that they both folded once or more .

Actually both teams have been in continuous operation for a very long time

its an invalid comparison... a valid NFL comparison would be the Jets and Patriots sharing a stadium in Hartford... which, would never happen.

:roll: not another blowhard Bomber fan... wasn't the [i]blow-out[/i] of the blowhard Bomber team enough to shut them up? i agree you haven't a clue 'cus [i]neither[/i] team ever folded... use a pick on that banjo?

there is no way in blue heck a combined stadium in Oakville ever happens.I live there and here are some of the knocks against this idea

1.) For starters, people from Hamilton and Toronto are not driving to Oakville to watch their team. conversely, people from Oakville are also not adopting a Hamilton team as their's..... it's just not happening.

2.) Oakville is a residential suburb, nothing more. It's all houses with no room near the smaller-size fairly crammed downtown to build a stadium. their not touching Bronte park.

3.)The hardcore fans of each team would not accept it. because of #2, suddenly now, people who have a fit at the notion of tearing down IWS for a more suburban updated stadium in Hamilton itself are now supposed to travel to an oakville one?

4.)make no mistake there are many CFL fans in oakville, but if a poll was ran, it'd be an 'NFL city'. i;m confident of that result...

Bob once floated the idea of a shared Grey Cup bid. Having the events in Hamilton and the game in Toronto because there's more seats there. It's an idea I'm not big on, but that's about as close to Hamilton and Toronto sharing a stadium as you're going to get.