Could the stadium dream finally be coming true?


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Gridiron good news?
Asper set to speak during Bisons' game

Sat, September 13, 2008

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[i]David Asper will be on the field today, apparently to go over his game plan for delivering a new stadium for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

But will the business heavyweight use his appearance at University Stadium at the University of Manitoba to announce he has scored a touchdown for the project or to tell a homecoming Bisons football crowd that he has a few key plays yet to make?

Asper will make what's been billed as a "joint announcement" with U of M president David Barnard about 3 p.m. at midfield at the Fort Garry campus stadium during halftime of the Bisons' game, though there's been no word on what they will announce.

However, speculation is rampant that Asper will tell media and an expected large Bisons crowd that he has made big gains in his recent talks with the U of M and the three levels of government toward constructing a stadium for use by the CFL club and the Bisons at or near the campus site along Chancellor Matheson Road.

Barb Biggar, Asper's spokeswoman on the project, suggested that gridiron fans are in for good news.

"That's all I'm going to tell you," Biggar said, adding Asper would not comment publicly before the announcement.

"They are going to be at centre field. I'll let you draw whatever conclusions you want to."

Rumours of Asper's interest in a U of M site for a new Blue Bomber facility rumbled for weeks before Winnipeg Sun columnist Paul Friesen revealed last month that the media mogul's Creswin Properties arm has approached the federal government with a request for $15 million for the project.

Asper is believed to be seeking $25 million from the provincial government.

Following stalled drives to get the governments on board for a new stadium -- expected to cost anywhere from $120 million to $200 million -- at the current Polo Park site of Canad Inns Stadium and then along the Red River in Point Douglas, Asper's vision is believed to include a state-of-the-art complex for the Bombers and Bisons.

U of M brass are believed to have offered Asper free property to bring his stadium dream to the campus, which is set to grow through the university's recent purchase of the nearby Southwood Golf and Country Club.

However, sources say that while the city supports the U of M stadium concept, the provincial government has been cool to the idea.

Mayor Sam Katz -- who will not attend the announcement -- may not know what will be revealed, said spokesman Brad Salyn.

"He doesn't want to get into anything premature," Salyn said. "If the university and Asper are doing an announcement, we'll see what they have to say before we comment." [/i]


Fresh from David Asper:

Asper Commits up to $100 Million to Help Construct Trio of World-Class Sport & Active Living Facilities

[i]Construction of a new stadium and multi-sport complex took a tangible step forward today following the announcement that a Letter of Intent has been inked between Creswin Properties Ltd. and the University of Manitoba designating a site at the intersection of Chancellor Matheson Drive and University Crescent for development.

The trio of new facilities will enhance the University’s reputation as a year-round sport and community recreation destination and position it as a leader in active living across Canada. Key components of the 25 acre development include:

Premium Stadium, Amateur Sport ‘Bubble’ & Elite Training Centre - including 30,000 spacious seats (expandable to 45,000), 25 foot deep in-ground bowl, top quality concessions, enhanced washrooms, private suites, Blue Bomber Hall of Fame, dedicated Bomber/Bison Elite Training Centre, a new 700 stall parkade, ‘fan-tram’ to connect to 7,000 existing parking spaces plus on site food service, restaurant & sports lounge facilities.

Ground-Up Renovation of University Stadium - preservation of track & field oval, installation of inflatable seasonal ‘Bubble’ and refurbishment of seating, washrooms & lockers.

World-Class Fitness Centre - a new fitness facility for University students, amateur athletes and the community, featuring top equipment and operated by the University to replace the ‘Gritty Grotto’.
For complete details, go to[/i]

Government funding not in place yet.

So basically nothing's new. Nothing's changed. No shovels in the ground. Nothing; nadda.

I wonder where the next location will be?

Jets please go away... seriously why are you even here if you are not a bomber fan or any other team for that matter. Do you only come here after the bombers win and people are happy just to make an a$$ of yourself?

ya jets is a d-bag at his very best time. but this is a big step comapred to any other offer from asper. he has manned up to 100 million of the design which has been exstimated to 120-150 million. and well now he actually has a location. at no other point has another site giving consent for him to build there. now he just has to cover the rest of the cost and the stadium and the team is his.

Shut up milt & footballmad. The Bombers stink and you know it. People like you two are "d-bags" for blindly supporting them no matter what.

And this latest announcement by Asper isn't anything. It's just an idea. Shovels won't be in the ground anytime soon. This is Winnipeg. It takes 20+ years for anything right to get done.

So how many games have the Jets won lately?

I don't really care about the Jets. I just want an NHL team in Winnipeg. Call 'em whatever you want.

I'd rather cheer for a non-existent sports team right now than the 3-8 Bombers, that's for sure.

And chris101- get back on topic. I'm in this thread to talk about the new Bomber stadium.

What are you here for?

…Jets, you are becoming a very nasty pessimist…could it be you are still bitter about the hockey team leaving…get over it …i did…We are dealing, at present, with a chance of a new venue in the Peg for football…Get in the here and now…I thought you were supportive of a new faciltiy awhile back…Now you seem to have changed course again???Come on …get behind the Bombers…you know you wannna""" :wink: :rockin:

Papa. People are smart enough to know that we are dealing with the DEVIL.

Well, i've said it many times and now it's really close to being a reality,live with it jets and sanjay!!

sanjay, you have been against Asper all along, that's no secret and we get your point (even though your wrong) you would rather stay public, cheering a public football team that reaches the Grey Cup once or twice a decade, you're in love with a run down urine smelling stadium that is way outdated, you want ownewrship change but when it's about to happen you bark like a dog!!

Time to shut up and support the team and the decision, or stay home, we won't miss ya in the stands anyway's and Jets, you're just an idiot minded NHL Dreamer, not even a Bomber Fan, why do you even bother to post on here, you sound like an a$$ every time.

The real fans like myself, papa, footballmad and pigs know what is needed and are very happy with the change that is going to happen and WE WILL alway's support the Blue and Gold no matter what, we are true fans unlike Sanjay and Jets, you do more whining on here than anyone else and your points are way off and make absolutely no sense.

Were you also against Katz building a new baseball stadium? were you against chipman building a new arena? two VERY SUCCESSFUL and NEEDED buildings!! Stop whining about Asper and a new stadium and live with the fact that IT IS NEEDED IN THE WORST WAY!!

Be careful who you are telling to shut up or the mods will be banning you.


When you start telling other posts to shut up. Then you have lost the argument. Negative or not.

I beleive you are missing one of the TRUE fans!

You are not a fan of the Bombers. You are a fan of Asper.

Lost The Argument? I don't believe that's a fact, the fact is i keep repeating myself over and over again and even with Aspers deal ready to become a reality, you and some others are still finding ways to try and argue the point that you are right with absolutely no proof or facts to back up your claims, all just because you don't want to see it happen. Being a skeptic is one thing, being negative is another!! If you were a true fan, would you not embrace the plan and realize the positives instead of alway's talking about the negatives? Are you too blind to see that a new stadium and private ownership is needed for success? YES!! first plan, you had a negative excuse, second plan, negative excuse and so on ... alway's negative!! Happy with the old stadium and losing seasons? SO BE IT, I AM NOT HAPPY!!

This topic is old and i and many other fans know that this wil happen whether you like it or not, are you going to stay away from Bomber games because Asper is owner? NOT A TRUE FAN or are you going to listen to the other BS about not going to games, buying bomber gear cause we are losing? NOT A TRUE FAN ... wow, we win by playing great football against the ARGO'S and the Fans either jump back on the wagon or pull a Jets07 and say the Bombers Stink!! NOT A TRUE FAN!!

Believe what you want man, say what you want, bottom line is your just another hyprocrit and people like you should not even post on here until you KNOW THE REAL FACTS AND CAN BACK UP YOUR POSTS, which i have yet to see!!

Wow the newspaper says Fort Garry residents are against the new plan, big deal, you claim your right based on this article. Who cares that they are against this plan, when Katz built the Baseball stadium, St.B and The Forks were against him, did they win? NO!!

Chipman had his share of critics, save the Eatons Building, Downtown Biz etc. Did they win? NO!!

So where are your facts? show me something that backs up your argument that Asper is NOT the GUY to run the BLUE!! Show me something factual about the new stadium plan that backs up your claim it shall not happen and will not happen!!

I've provided my facts, hard evidence, why can't you? something instead og the Fort Garry Residents opposed to the plan, cause that in reality is IRRELEVENT.

Keep repeating yourself. Nobody is listening to you other than papa.

I think my point is proven, nice comeback, great facts housedog .. LOL .. And believe me, more than papa are on my side dog, you have 2 idiots in Sanjay and Jets on your side and you all can't provide fact based arguments - keep making an a$$ of yourselves, i get a kick out of it!!