Could the Riders recent collapse be due to Fantuz coming in?

now don't diss this ok?

it's a valid theory..

I believe that there are players on the team that are not happy about Fantuz coming back, unable to commit and sign a long term contract with this team and yet he gets to start.

meanwhile, Hill.. who's been having a good season, has a contract and is committed to this team is suddenly bumped for Fantuz!

I am beginning to believe that there is dissention amongst the players who are not pleased.

Hill has friends on this team. he's worked his butt off to get where he is and now all of a sudden he's no longer important because Fantuz is back!

I believe that there is a good possibility that This whole "Chosen one" Andy Fantuz is the cause of it all, even if he's out with an injury all they can talk about is "how long until Fantuz is back? can't wait until Fantuz is back!"

it's like Hill has suddenly disappeared and is no longer an important piece of this team.

very sad.. :thdn:

Suggest you have one word too many in your second paragraph - should read as follows:

"It's a theory .."

you say that, but I think it's valid.

I think that everyone believing he's the messiah of the Riders has caused some of the other players on this team to resent him being back... especially when he's made it well known he wants to go back to the NFL. it's like he's using the Riders for his own benefit.

I don't like the fact that he got the starting role by acclamation and didn't have to earn it.

all these players who were beginning to make themselves fit in, like Hill and Baker are suddenly pushed back because the mighty Fantuz came back.

I have wondered the same thing, but I don`t believe so. Players understand that this is an allstar. If anything it should make them that much more hungry. They also know Bagg will be back next year, which means they need to produce huge to be kept on.

It could easily be a factor, but I just dont think it is. Andy spent all his time with the team right up until he had to report the the Bears, and came right back. He was really only gone 5 weeks.

No way. Fantuz helps with the ratio. Get rid of the ratio and then see what happens. Players if they want to keep thier jobs had just better worry about themselves and playing thier best no matter what is happening on the field. They sucked just as bad under Marshall with no Fantuz.

I think having Fantuz on the field only helps the team, even if he doesn't put up big numbers, he attracts attention which gives more room to guys like Dress and Getz. Once he is back in the lineup I can see us winning again, maybe...

maybe, but you’ll never ever in a million years see anyone admit it if it were in fact true.

I'm sure we'd have heard rumors of issues with Fantuz in the locker room over the last couple of years. And for the record I'm not sure well get Bagg back in pre injury shape. He may never be what he was! Hope I'm wrong.

me too, I miss Bagg.

if he was playing, he'd compliment Getzlaf and Dressler.

Fantuz needs to either sign a contract or leave in 2012. but if he does come back, do not sign him for less than 4 years.

I am confident if they could sign him to 6 years right now they would. I feel for Andy because he is good enough to play in the NFL, but when he tries out next year he will be pushing 30. The average NFL career is under 3 years, and 33 is a old timer for a receiver in the NFL...only amazing players last past that. I just don't see a team looking at him as a wise investment. It was a major knock on him this year, and a HUGE one next year. They will bring him on, sure, but I just don't see him cracking a game day roster.

Timing is everything, and unfortunately Andy's was not good.

and on topic, as was said, I think we would have heard something if there was an issue over the past few years.

Next year could be similar to this year as far as fantuz is concerned: I have not heard anything, but i am GUESSING as of feb 16th, and hes a free agent, he will take another shot down south. Hopefully he can have at least one team in the NFL offer him another tryout. If he doesnt get a tryout, or cant make the cut, he could be the most sought after CFL free agent in a long time. But with sask never afraid to go over the salary cap by a couple bucks, they will most likely offer him the best money. Unless he decided like foley or sandro that he would rather play ball closer to his home.

I agree with cflisthebest. there could be some anomosity in the locker room since his return. NOt based on fact, just one of those things. ... -nfl/23171

Anomosity I do not believe, by all means possible, but don't believe. Some jealousy...for sure. In my eyes there is a big difference.

i tried the link . didnt work.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have a long list of priorities in terms of players they would like to lock up long term. Linebacker Jerrell Freeman is definitely near the top of the list along with receiver Andy Fantuz.

Both players become free agents in February and both players appear to be keeping all options open.

Fantuz contract extension talks are on hold, which may be a little further along than Freeman. The Roughriders feel as though he'll take another run at the National Football League before deciding on signing an extension or heading to free agency.

Freeman, however, only cares about his current role on the Roughriders defence and will let others take care of the business aspect of his career.

"I'm just looking to finish this season strong, get into the playoffs and work for a Grey Cup. Whatever comes, comes."

Freeman had one workout with an NFL team while his window was open in the offseason to sign with the NFL. Although the dream lives on to land a job down south, Freeman would be comfortable staying in green.

"Of course growing up back in the States the NFL was the thing to do. But (the Roughriders) brought me here and showed me love here. It's a wait and see thing."

The impact Freeman has had on the defense this season raises the stakes for Saskatchewan.

"He brings a lot of energy," explains Head Coach Ken Miller, "When he sees the football, he runs to it better than anybody we've ever had here since I've been here. He's just been a top shelf player for us."

In Freeman's first season as an every down player he is third in the league with 56 tackles and is tied for the team lead in sacks (3) and interceptions (3). There shouldn't be any surprise with his production. Injuries allowed Freeman to be a regular in the playoffs last season and was the team's best defensive player in all three games.

I don't think cflisbest is talking about prior years. I think he is zoning in on Sept.1/11 and now.

Again most players on the team knew there was a very good chance that Andy would be back this season, so why be jealous. Just do the best you can when given the opportunity.

Ridiculous, we played like crap when he wasnt here, won a game or two when Andy-mania was present, and lost after he got hurt.. nutty nutty concept dude......................................

grasping at straws on this one.

IMHO it would be in the best interest of andy, the league and the green riders if he signed long term(ish) with the riders. I do realize being from ontario, he might have a bigger dream of the NFL. But the NFL is a league of what can you do for me now at the reciever position. At some point, i hope the Bigger stars, especially the Canadians, like fantuz, can see the advantages of stayin in the CFL. I know the pay and the prestigue isnt here like it is down south. But getting into the 30's, the CFL might be a safer place.

no i'm not.

you just refuse to believe that there is a possibility.

you can't seriously think that none of the receivers that were playing before Fantuz came back aren't to themselves upset that he just comes back and automatically gets it?

they work hard all season long and it's all for nothing?

notice how Hill has hardly had anything thrown to him lately?