Could the NFL put an entire division in Europe?


It’s interesting to speculate. I thought that’s what they were planning to do with the WLAF about 30 years ago but I was wrong (or it didn’t pan out for them).
In addition to the logistical issues in the article, the NFL would also be dealing with international law. I’m not sure that’s a road they want to go down.

I think they could do it with some creative scheduling. 6 out of 17 games would be divisional so travel wouldn't be too bad that way. So it's basically 5 North American games and 5 European games for each team (plus the neutral site game). European teams could easily do training camps in America, start the season 3 games in a row, go to Europe, play divisional opponents, do another 2 games and then go back to Europe.

In the meantime, they would have teams coming over from North America to Europe. They could have a North American division over there and just rotate through the teams.

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And maybe play slightly more home games than the North American teams.


I doubt there would be enough interest. It seems like a good idea until you factor in that there are Rugby leagues everywhere in Europe.
Add in the fact that many of those who attend the European games travel to do so AND have a look at the lengths Totenham went to to put together a field for football, not to mention the schedule crossover with soccer leagues - most of whom don't have the option of moving the field out (like Arizona and Totenham) to put down a surface for football. The differences in turf and the fact football tears up that turf make it totally incompatible for both football and soccer or rugby.
So that means billions to build new stadiums - if you can find a place to build them....

NFL Europe was 20,000 avg so well within CFL numbers
But really Germany was the only success story over there


It was renamed NFL Europa in 2007 just to take advantage of the fanbase.

Didn't make a difference as it turned out to be the Final season as the NFL was more focused on having regular season games abroad as a selling feature.