Could the NFL in Toronto be good for the CFL in Toronto?

There are ways this could work out for the CFL's benefit.

1)If a new football stadium was built in Toronto where the Argos and the NFL would play. :thup:

2)A Personal Seat License(PSL) entitles the buyer to every football game played in the stadium, Canadian and American. That way some of the NFL football fans will be exposed to something better, and it would help ensure full stadiums for the Argos. Say the Argos got 15,000 people to buy PSLs, and the NFL got 25,000...that's already a starting point of 40,000 people in attendance, before anyone actually buys a ticket. :thup:

3)If the CFL got equal treatment in the stadium. (they get the field decorated a different way for the Argos vs. for the Americans). :thup:

  1. If the government taxed the NFL like the US taxes our lumber. Same idea, they do it to protect their own industry, we would do it to protect our National Identity. The money that is collected would go directly to the CFL. Not a huge tax, just 15%. :thup:

Unfortunately, even if this did work out for the Argos, the team that would be hurt most would be Hamilton, I fear. :thdn:

NO....what makes u think people who buy a seat licence for NFL games will actually show up for the argo games?

leaf fans get forced to buy raptor tickets, but they dont actually go to the raps games...notice all the empty seats?

thank god this scenario will never happen.

If they don't go its their loss.

Either way, they would be paying, and money will end up in the Argos' pocket.

Are you serious? Do they have to pay extra for them as well or is it just thrown in as a bonus? If so , that's rediculas.

they pay extra.

in order to buy leaf season tickets, u have to buy raptor tickets...some kinda multi-game package, not just one game

Bobby Ackles was quoted last month, that if the NFL came to Toronto, it would be the start of the destruction of the CFL.

Ackles has been lobbying his contacts in the NFL to NOT Expand to Canada. His comment that caught my attention was "It would put too many good people out of work."

Drummer, since you have all sorts of newspaper contacts,the article was in the Vancouver Province in late November.

I mentioned before that I think both could work in Toronto and some plan along the lines of what TIMH might do it. Who knows. But while the NFL obviously would rather be there than a smaller, much smaller city like Buffalo, they aren't and they need or want a team in LA. However, should this not work out and it just might not since I don't see a lot of lobbying in LA for a franchise, they need a stadium first, Toronto could be a possibility. But the NFL doesn't like the Rogers Centre from what I can see since it's used for baseball and doesn't hold 65,000. Who knows, not going to happen for a while anyway even if it ever happens.

. .................................. NO!!

IF the NFL put a team in Toronto it would bave no effect to the CFL whatsoever.
I am not for a NFL team in Toronto mind you, but the fans would still come out to see the Argos regardless.
It works like this....
...when Pizza is your favourite food, your not going to stop loving it just because someone is offering you felet mignon.

IF the NFL put a team in Toronto it would bave no effect to the CFL whatsoever.
lets hope you never find out how wrong you are.

The Argos struggle to get media coverage as it is. Unfortunately, as has been stated by many Argo fans before, a significant amount comes from those who knock the CFL every chance they get. An NFL team would just push the Argos further down the pecking order.

I dont think so guys.
I think nothing will change.
Toronto is a city of almost 5 million when you add up all the areas so CFL can still be supported.
Plus there are still patriotic Canadians in Toronto who are die hard fans.
2 pro teams from 2 different leagues can survive in Toronto.
Lets look at hockey for example.
Toronto has 2 pro teams. One is a big pro team called the Leafs, and the other one is a small pro team but still a pro team called the Marlies. NHL and AHL.
Calgary has the NHL Flames and the WHL Hitmen. The Flames sell out and the Hitmen hold the WHL record for fans at 17,139. That is incredible for WHL.
Canadians hold onto what is theirs.
The Argos have a fan base and the fans will not let the Argos go even with a second pro team.
The proof is this... when your team is not playing but 2 other teams are, you still watch the other two teams play. Why, because you love football.
I think the NFL would not last in Toronto in the long run away.
Toronto will not give the NFL 65 000 fans per game Simply because Canadians do not jump on band wagons like the Americans do.
Americans are football crazy while Canadians are just football happy.
Think about this.... who will attend a NFL game in Toronto while the Leafs are playing live on TV.
I rest my case.

Marlies dont count. Remember the Toros??

Plus, there are way more Hockey fans than CFL and NFL fans combined in Toronot area.

Aren't the Marlies struggling in attendance?

re-..when Pizza is your favourite food, your not going to stop loving it just because someone is offering you felet mignon.

_________________ Felet mignon? more like the mcGurgles :?

You don't need to stop loving pizza, but if the Filet Mignon is may start liking it.

Pizza/steak, both are great. You can have both in a area of almost 5million.

Earl, man if I find out you're using a nom de guerre I swear...the names change but the skull-thickness remains the same. It won't happen... and if it did it would be the mind-child to US expansion. A sinking hole of cash. There won't be fillet there won't be this huge fan base, there won't be anything but some really hairy cheerleaders. Bury it and watch the NFL when you want. Who can stand it for more than 1 game a week anyways. Go EAGLES!!!
Nice job Garcia!

If the CFL survived the NHL invasion into Canada, and if the Argos have survived 100 year along side hockey in Toronto, how would the NFL have any adverse affect on the cFL or the ARgos?

And if you ask me, maybe people should ask if the Blue jays or Raptors could survive with an NFL team in Toronto? Because these two sports are teetering on the brink. Desperate for fan support to cover their huge budgets. Not the CFL.

But this fear of the NFL is your typical Canadian inferiority complex. Always looking for the boogeyman around the corner to prove what we have isn't any good. The NFL will have no impact whatsoever on the CFL. Why it would is something I can't comprehend.

The NFL will have no impact whatsoever on the CFL. Why it would is something I can't comprehend.
thats just plain sad