Could The CFL Entice Jeff Bezos To Be A CFL Owner?

Jim Pattison? Maybe he can buy the Lions

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If you could can afford a new Rolls Royce, would you settle for a '77 Ford Pinto?.
Like all on here I love my CFL, but I'm sure this would be Bezo's mindset


The CFL is far from a 1977 Ford Pinto. Canada built cars before the old Auto Pact kicked in.. Cars don't have to pretty and expensive, as long it gets you from point A to Point B.. How far do you get on your monthly bus pass?

Daniel Snyder won't sell his majority shares to Bezos. The NFL ownership committee headed by Jones and Kraft won't allow him in. The Houston Texan owner(McNair?), would oppose his entry into the old boy's club.

If he purchase a CFL team as an alternative, Bezos can locate the team in the Virginia area close to his Washington home area.

Nothing wrong in asking. Maybe Manning from MLSE could arrange a meeting. Can't assume Bezos has no interest in the CFL

Aquillini said he wasn't interested in the purchase of the BC Lions after Braley died.

I'm making an analogy to make a point which was clearly missed by you

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No I didn't miss it. I know snarky when I read it

so whats your point in relation to this topic?

Because a '77 Ford Pinto could very much well be a sought after classic car?!

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Is there a possibility that at least some of these groups have already done their due dilligence, and have determined that owning a CFL franchise is NOT a sound investment choice?


The Aquillini, Katz, Molson and Thomson group could purchase CFL teams in their markets to expand their sport empire like what MLSE/Toronto and Calgary. Cross promote football along with Hockey in a seamless transition

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With a souped up engine and mag wheels. It won't stay on the lot for long. See History Channel's "Counting Cars?

You tell me?

I have not seen that!

And how great of an investment for the Argos has it been for MLSE? Not much I would imagine.

Maybe the fact that not even MLSE can rejunivate the Argos has shown to the other groups you have mentioned that investing in the CFL is not worth it??!

Maybe the fact the team has been 8-28 since MLSE took over is a not a very good benchmark in rejuvenating the brand.

Based on their so called cap circumvention moves, I think MLSE is quite fine taking them on

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They also won a championship. And what did that do?

They did not win a championship under MLSE. That was under Bell-Tananbaum before Roger bought in.

What did it do? Oh I don't know, maybe nearly double the season ticket base and attendancewas ahead year to date for the 1st year and a half until the on field performance took it's toll

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Aquillini has earlier wanted to purchase the BC Lions, but came out later that he wasn't interested after the death of Braley. Aquillini is fickle about his intentions, His hesitation is trying to make a purchase for a lesser price that Braley Estate will sell later in the future. Aquiillini will buy the Lions for what he thinks it is worth

After doing a little bit of research behind this Bezos rumor, I stated earlier that Jerrah Jones would be oppose to a sale if a NFL. Turns out the Jones would indeed welcome Bezos into the NFL fold by saying "I'd piggyback him into the NFL". I made a rush to judgement error. But Jerry also said he'd never sell the Cowboys for 10 billions dollars. WOW! that is a lot of coin to turn down/