Could The CFL Entice Jeff Bezos To Be A CFL Owner?

Rumor has it that Jeff Bezos is looking to purchase an NFL team(the Washington Football Team?) according to a tweet from Front Office Sports I think the CFL should ask Bezos if he wants a franchise anywhere in North America. Get Randy, the Caretaker, Miller to have a meeting with Bezos and make a proposal, It won't hurt

Bezos would be the answer to all the CFL prayers. He'd be a powerful ally and owner, I don't think Bezos will get into the NFL Old Boys Club if he bought a NFL team. See McMahon, Trump

Making Bezos a CFL owner would be like the CFL selling it's soul, Would it be worth it? Ideas and thoughts?


In TO or BC I think it woud put people in the seats.


Would they allow him to buy both or more prudently, as the majority owner in two separate companies one for each? He probably could afford it too. In these times, having such a well-capitalized owner again for rescue would be great.

Then at some point say a decade down the road should times be better, he could divest all or part of his majority stake in one of the teams of course.

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Highly unlikely he will entertain offers from the CFL but it won't to enquire about his interest.

Anything to keep the CFL in the news is a good thing.

Let the debate begin. Although I would prefer buying the Chargers just to get Spanos out of the NFL and do the right by moving them back to San Diego.

Didn't Bon Jovi attend a few Argos games in the past? He did a good job with the Philadelphia Soul in the AFL and actually attended most games unlike other celebrity owners at the time (Tim McGraw, Deion Sanders) He's got the money and got turned down by the Bills already, he may be a more reasonable choice.

If Bezos was going to buy a pro team - it'll be from one of the major 4 leagues, or a soccer team in Europe if he wants to look outside the US.
He's worth 180+ billion - he's not going to try and save a few bucks.

Typical Canadians.... looking south of the border instead of having a focus on people or things here in Canada.

"Teach us the way oh great USA" What a bunch of betas.


Why not? Give a power point presentation on the historic and unique football league. Sell him the folksy atmosphere of the CFL without the hype of the NFL, the underdog aspect of 3 down football. Show Bezos we are the alternative to the other league. A challenge to help build up a football league.

Invite him to a Grey Cup game. Ambrosie invited the Lankov Brothers to the Alouettes locker room when they were kicking tires on the Als.

I bet he got the itch to get into football after getting caught up in the Superb Owl hype frenzy.

I believe NFL owners like Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft fear Jeff Bezos because of his immense wealth. His presence would take the spotlight away from them.

Bon Jovi was only a figurehead for the MLSE bid to gain NFL ownership because NFL bylaws prohibit corporate ownership

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When are the Irvings and Thomsons going to step up to the CFL plate? They rather swim in their old money in a vault like Scrooge McDuck. They are no help

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Really, there are very rich people here in Canada who could make this league grow, if they really wanted too, can’t take it with ya!

These rich guys can easily set up shop in Halifax, Quebec City or Windsor, new markets that they can build up. Or they could've floated the CFL a loan when the Federal Gov't rejected them.

I'd like to see the CFL at least make a pitch to Bezos. He has the money to build his own CFL sized stadium in any market in North America. He owns Amazon, Twitch, the Washington Post. I'd even waive the import ratio for him.

The CFL should try to entice Bezos on a CFL franchise before the Rock get him under his spell

It would be nice to have people with such deep pockets invest in the CFL, but I question JB's character based just on some things I have read. It matters, at least to me.

It is too bad Canada's billionaires are not interested. Heart breaking that Jim Pattison was not interested in the Lions.

Even a Mutli millionaire like Jim Treliving would be nice

Maybe RA should have went with a pitch to the Dragons Den :slight_smile:


I hear you. That's why I stated that the CFL would have sold it's soul if it brought Bezos aboard. The dude doesn't give his employees bathroom breaks. But there there are so many pros and cons on having Bezos as a team owner.

I think Bezos has become bored and wants to own a toy. If he plans to buy a NFL team, a NFL team owner has to want to sell to him. I don't think any NFL team owner wants to sell their team because of it's profitability.

If Bezos is convinced to purchase a CFL team, he should be treated as any other owner. It would be quite the coup for the CFL to win over Bezos. His immense wealth would keep MLSE in check from circumventing the salary cap. Bezos owns so many other platforms that would benefit the survival of the CFL.

Bezos is specifically looking to buy into the WFT because the minority shares are up for sale, he owns the Washington Post as well as a mansion in Washington.

He would have no interest in the CFL.


One of the late night talk show hosts joked "Jeff found a spare Billion dollar bill in his pocket and decided to buy the WFT.

He could buy the whole CFL. Canadians are partly responsible for him making billions. He employs thousands of Canadians, how many Amazon distribution warehouses in Canada???
He probably employs more Canadians than the so-called Canadian owned companies

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I would be good with sponsorship money from Amazon and some exposure on Amazon Prime with some content CFL related .

With the huge infrastructure they are putting up in Canada they probably will back it up with some goodwill here and there .

Not that the CFL is a charity but a few million into the league for partnership / ads or even better a connection to grass roots football with equipment or fields all under one umbrella would be welcomed .

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While it would be nice to get a Corporate Partnership and Streaming rights agreement with Amazon in the future, I can't see Bezos or any other Super Rich American wanting to become a CFL owner. League should try and focus on getting local Billionaires interested - Aquillini or Gaglardi in Vancouver, Katz Group in Edmonton, True North or Richardson Family in Winnipeg, Saputo or Molson Family in Montreal, and the Irving, Sobey, and McCain Families in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia.

If the League were to ever look at American Owners - Joe Tsai, Elon Musk, and Garrett Camp at least have ties to Canada, but again I have a hard time seeing any of them wanting to get involved with the CFL.


I'd like to think there is enough money in Canada - a G7 country - that would be willing to invest in the CFL and football. NFL ownership is no cake walk either.


Besides Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ portfolio is mind- boggling. He owns The Washington Post, sits on a Board at the Pentagon, has a six hundred million dollar deal with the CIA, and on and on. There is a zero percent chance of even a consideration of this fantasy.
Maybe ALEXA could be the offensive co-ordinatior.
Interesting topic though. Should light up the switchboards.