Could the Argos leave the CFL for the XFL

I know this is an old article:

But Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment's Larry Tanenbaum
Has been very vocal about the way the legal structured

Could we see the Argos leave for the XFL
I think it's a very strong possibility
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment we're pushing very hard for the merger
It was something most CFL fans didn't want and League research prove that

What are three possibilities will happen in 2023
The Argos are sold or Folded
The Argos continue as is
They leave for the XFL and the CFL commissions a new team outside of Toronto
Maple Leaf Sports owns BMO Field so they won't allow the CFL to put a team there
This is why I say the Team outside of Toronto

First we have to find out what they plan to do with BMO. World cup wants a bigger venue so....

They could do both. Chad Kelly running the XFL offence. MacBeth running the CFL offense. XFL is only a ten game season so some players could mix a bit. Seasons are at different times of the year. We'll see what happens.

First off, MLSE does not own BMO Field.
The City of Toronto owns the venue while MLSE has an agreement with the City to manage/operate the stadium.
While MLSE holds substantial influence internally, the City still has final say on who is, or isn’t, a candidate for tenancy.

And where would the CFL grant a new franchise outside of Toronto?
There are no CFL suitable stadiums available anywhere in Canada to move the team so this is a moot point at this juncture.


That's so bizarre I kind of like it.:wink:


Not sure the architectual plans have been finalized for what the BMO World Cup expansion will look like. Could be anything from a temporary north end zone stand with minor updates to a more substantive renovation, rebuild of west stand, construction of new permanent north stand etc..

I doubt whatever does get done will result in the Argos being evicted from yet another venue. They probably will have a stretch on the road for a month over the summer of 2026 however.

Often World Cup venues feature temporary expansions not unlike the temporary additions we used to see at Grey Cup venues.

You ignore the most likely ... status quo

As for the possibility (very slim IMO) of the "Argos" leaving the CFL ... as I assume that MLSE owns the trademark free and clear (i.e., no liens/legal interests by the CFL) the "Argos" could shut down their CFL team and start a new franchise in a new league ... but the players are all on standard CFL player contracts so the "new Argos" would be starting from scratch ... also, Bell would be damaging their prime source of summer programming if they did anything to damage the CFL ( I foresee little chance of that happening) ... under MLSE ownership rules Rogers and Bell have to agree on any decisions ... neither can impose a decision on the other, nor can Tanenbaum "break a tie".

Now ... Tanenbaum and/or Rogers acquiring an XFL franchise would be something independent of the Argos ... although it could have the potential to impact the Argos ... just as anyone unrelated to MLSE/Argos doing so could.


Yep MLSE has three very successful big money generating sport franchises and the sad under 10,000 attendance Argos. Many T.O. sport fans only want to watch/ support major league teams. We all recall the Buffalo Bills games in T.O. They didn't draw huge crowds but when the Bills owner died a few years back there was talk of moving the Bills north and it became a buzz. I'm betting if the "homer NFL"
had allowed it i'm sure the stands would be filled.
B.C. thinks they are major league but they lean towards soccer and hockey more than football.

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All solid points. If anything happens with MLSE getting an XFL franchise, it would likely be in addition to the CFL Argos.

I also don't see MLSE wanting to exclude the Argos from playing at BMO. They need as many tenants as possible to attract naming rights.

While anything is possible, it does seem fun to think that Toronto is such a bad non-NFL football town that we should… give them two teams!


They want a NFL Team but they don't have a NFL Type Stadium
the Cheapest new Stadium Build cost Construction cost 1.061 billion
it was use to replace the metro Dome
68,000 is avg size for NFL Stadium
$5.5 billion was the cost of Sofi in LA
I don't see Toronto Paying into a Stadium for that cost

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Toronto would never fill 68,000. Especially if the team struggled on the field.

Never? Probably opening night. After the novelty wears off you can say 'never again'.


CFL is reminiscent of CBC.
A really classic organization that deserves a better fate But things just does not work out.
Toronto has an extremely high ethnic population that has not been involved in Agros games and business. It seems Vancouver is moving in the right direction and Toronto needs to do the same. It is absolutely ridiculous that Toronto is not in CFL or not thriving at all.