Could the Argos be leaving for the XFL?

I take it the successful Grey Cups Toronto hosted in 2012 and 2007 are too distant of a memory?

It's too bad the debacle in 2016 happened to make people forget those. Toronto should have never hosted that year. New ownership with a new venue the same year along with a percentage of revenue going to the previous owner as part of the sale condition was a reason why prices were so high to begin with.

Recipe for disaster from day 1


Why would anyone want to have a Grey Cup in places like Edmonton with 55,819 people or Calgary with 35,440 people.


The Grey Cup IS an event and many non-CFL fans even attend

As much as its cool to see Sask host and the rabid fans attend, the bigger cities (in particular TO) do tend to draw in more noise

I mean as a classic example look at Baltimore's two cup runs. Papers ran jokes about how majority of them could not even spell Saskatchewan much less find it on a map.

But this strikes at heart of CFL problem; do we want a Grey Cup "event" (similar to a Super Bowl) or do we prefer playing in front of the actual fans.


The big winner in 2016 because of the Grey Cup was TFC.
The temp seats for the Grey Cup were put in 2 weeks before the GC, TFC hosted their final playoff game and every seat was sold, I think it was 36k. Capacity at BMO for soccer is higher because of the retractable stands that can be rolled out.
The Grey Cup a week later had thousands of empty seats.
A week after the Grey Cup, Toronto hosted the MLS championship game and again another sell out.


For sure it worked well for TFC.

The temp stands were also in place for the Centennial Classic held a month and change later. Another event that had a hard time moving seats but allot less was made in the media. Both events used their corporate partners to fill them up. Neither had thousands of empty seats......I was at the 2016 GC.


A classic Grey Cup, had everything including OT


And if you were lucky you got free pizza and chicken wings if you bought your tickets from Pizza Pizza...or was that free tickets that you got if you ordered the pizza ? :pizza: = :tickets: = :trophy: All in all though for $29.99 a bargain in anybody's book . :roll_eyes:


Wow - I missed it!
We held a Grey Cup party that year at our home in Florida, a few Canadians and some American neighbors.


In the 72 Grey Cup , our tickets would have been in the temporaries in the east endzone . Our season tickets were at the 50 yard line but the "corporate types" got those .
Hopefully the CFL has learned their lessons on how to treat your loyal fans as opposed to the give away tickets to corporate elites .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


That deal was exclusively in the Toronto region. I never saw any promotion like that in central Ontario region. If I did, I would've been all over that.

Rogers/Sportnet/Fan 590 only gave away 2 tickets on the Friday before the Grey Cup. They weren't trying hard to promote the GC. They even had the voiceover guy say "That's enough talk of the CFL" everytime they asked for callers for the ticket package


It was in Hamilton.

Upper Wentworth and Mohawk Pizza Pizza.


The only time I eat Pizza Pizza was after the bars close. Not a fan of their pizza, but I'd be willing to buy a slab to get Grey Cup tickets.


you are right. it's garbage.

but they'll be famous for giving away grey cup tickets across this city. I recall CHCH doing a story on it at the time.


pizza is cardboard Gino's in okay even papa johns is bettter then Pizza pizza

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Something else must have been happening that year around TO

I also never heard of that and would have killed for free tickets. I can literally get to BMO with transit.

One other odd thing while Googling; it shows that CFL & Purolator partnered on the Tackle Hunger promos since 2013... if Pizza Pizza did run the ad as pictured they could have gotten in trouble I would think...

After further research the promo is FAKE
It was offered and CFL jumped in to SHUT IT DOWN
That is why most of us never heard of it (plus the fact only 16 stores ever offered it in first place)

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I hope research isn't your profession. :slight_smile:

It was shut down after they gave away all the tickets.

It was not fake.

Many people got their tickets.

It was 100% not fake.

And yes 16 stores in Hamilton area gave out their allotment of tickets.


Here's the physical copy of the advertisement in the Hamilton Spec.

A fan from this board took advantage of it


Oh yeah :roll_eyes: obviously that's the truth. Did you also hear they signed bigfoot to start at punter? Word is their adding a leprechaun to the practice squad too.

I'd place Bigfoot as defensive end with all that strength and height instead of a punter

Still won't help them beat Hamilton ..