Could the Argos be leaving for the XFL?

So there's a rumour going around that the Articles will be leaving the CFL
Their destination the XFL

Everyone's thoughts?

From the Article:

If MLSE truly believes that the Argos would be better-off playing in the XFL, it stands to reason that they’ll make the leap. But I don’t believe that’s true.

The Toronto Star has a poll embedded in the original report that Toronto could leave for the XFL in 2023. 69.3 percent of respondents indicated they want the Argos to remain in the CFL and “play Canadian football,” compared to 25.2 percent of respondents who want the team to depart for the XFL and “try something new.”

These figures match virtually every poll I’ve seen regarding a potential collaboration or merger between the CFL and XFL. Canadians have strongly indicated they do not want things to change, which would only make the Argos a tougher sell in Toronto if they swapped leagues.


The chances of this happening are slim to none, in my view. The fact MLSE hasn't come out and squashed the rumours is outrageous, though. I imagine they want to use the rumour to leverage other teams when it comes to things such revenue sharing.


I personally think maple leaf Sports & Entertainment we'll use the threat of leaving for the XFL to get Revenue sharing on the table
I think that's the only reason for the XFL Leaving talk out of Toronto

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Definitely looks like leverage to me. It's no secret MLSE wants change in how business is run within the league. IMO a big reason why they were in talks with Redbird.

Considering it's just speculation right now there's no reason for MLSE to debunk this rumour. Keep things behind the scenes.


are you suggesting the other teams in the CFL should be providing MSLE revenue because MSLE is losing money with the Argos?

That not sound strange to you? The richest team in the league asking for revenue from the other teams?

I agree it sounds ridiculous but that doesn't mean they won't try it
The Argos don't make money a threat I'm moving the team to the XFL
Or even the usfl could force other owners to give Revenue sharing to Montreal Vancouver and Montreal


Revenue sharing is not based on the net worth of the owners, it's based on the revenue each respective club brings in compared to the others.

MLSE gives revenue sharing to teams like Florida and Arizona who are owned by billionaires too. They also share revenue to the Winnipeg Jets who are backed by the wealthiest person in Canada.

At the end of the day the NHL stabilized after years of putting out fires on many fronts. Revenue sharing is a big part of it. Having expenses in line with revenues is another which something else that needs work


community supported teams will not be sharing revenue with MLSE.

if that is the downfall of the CFL, well, I guess it will happen.

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That's certainly a component of this. Having 3 out of nine teams community owned and the other 6 private makes it difficult for the league to have any direction issue that's plagued the league for years. With 7 out of 9 votes needed to pass anything (per the restart to play vote), having a block of 3 that functions differently make it a bigger challenge.

Assuming the XFL even launches....finding common ground with one may be easier than with 8

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Lets wait for signs of that happening before getting too worked about anything, lol


If it's the same model as the NFL then it's revenue sharing, which means sharing the revenue before expenses. MLSE would be sharing revenue too.
Just like in the NFL the Green Bay Packers are community owned, by shareholders and they send a share of their revenue to the NFL.

I think a lot of people confuse revenue with profits. It wouldn't be about about the 3 community owned teams giving what's left of their profits to the money losing team. It would be about ALL 9 teams turning over a portion of their revenue and then it's divided equally.

Also some people don't really understand what is meant by community ownership. It's about football fans buying shares - it's not about the community of Regina or the province owning the team. It's about fans owning the team. - public shareholders. Rider fans can live in Toronto or Montreal and buy shares and be a part owner of the Riders. Shares are $300 a piece
Edmonton is owned by local shareholders too.
Just means that instead of having one owner, the Riders, Elk and Bombers are owned by the shareholders, and the shareholders elect a board to run the team.


Lmao. If the Argos leave, they lose the only game or 2 where their attendance isn't in the crapper: Ticat away games.

I can't see people turning up to watch a team from the deep South US play.


Torontonians mock the XFL even harder than they mock the CFL. To join the XFL is suicide and if MLSE ever gave serious thought to this then that just proves they're out of touch.


The only version of American ball Toronto will follow is THE NFL and no other league.

XFL? Oh please


Toronto sees itself as a "major" league city and the only football they would support is the NFL.


Isn't that what I stated? Kind of

Toronto is more of an American wannabe city than actually representative of Canada in general.

By the definition of "major" I guess MLS is big-time soccer.

What's soccer ? Is that the game where they let you bounce a ball off your head ?


They have already proved they won't support the nfl


But apparently they're willing to invest in the XFL??