Could Ted Laurent please just sign already!

Disagree. This is Laurent's best shot at a big contract due to his age & the fact he's coming off 2 great seasons. He's not going to re-sign with Hamilton without seeing what other offers are out there. And while everyone knows tampering happens & his agent is probably already aware of other offers, they're going to wait till after FA starts to do anything in order to keep up appearances.

I keep opening up this thread just hoping for some news of Teddy signing :cry:

I wonder if losing Harris increases the odds of missing out on TL?
the D now has a leak in the secondary that needs plugged. If through free agency then that will cost more $$$.
Might be an easy fix to resign Bulcke, and have him, Atkinson, Gaydosh and Hazime patrol the middle of the D-Line with Hall.
Lots of moving pieces at this time of year!

Laurent's response here is not very assuring.... :frowning:

[b]Simoni Lawrence ?@Simoni_Lawrence
@tedlaurent don't forget you promised to fly me out to Florida and train for a week after you resign wit us

                        Ted Laurent ?@tedlaurent  
                                                       Never said that [/b]

I'm reading it as Teddys going to sign here and Simoni's just trying to get a free flight lol

wow....quite a lofty goal for a DT, even being a National DT...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@ScottMitchellPM
Laurent’s people are floating 300k. He won’t get that, but he’s 230+. #CFLFA #CFL

Exactly where I put him (225k to 250k) I think it takes 250 k minimum to take him out West. If all offers are about the same he will stay close to home with easy direct flights to Miami (Ham/TO/MTL).

The odds of Laurent re-signing with the Cats appear slimmer and slimmer...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Word from Hamilton was that the #Ticats maintained they won’t be held up for ransom by DT @tedlaurent - via @HolderGord #CFL

Really?! so if it aint Teddy what is the hold up than? We still have what 30 plus to resign? Get it done Austin :twisted:

Exactly Ryan , good point , what is the hold up than ? what about the other key players that are heading to FA ? Davis,Hall,Reed,Grant,Bulcke,Stewart,Fantuz,Plesius,Nadon,Medlock,etc etc.....We haven't heard a peep about what's going on with any of them. So far all we really know is that Stephen will probably re-sign and with Chick on board that Hickman probably won't be re-signed, outside of that all the talk has been centred on Laurent and right now all signs point to him signing elsewhere for this season.

Austin is using an interesting strategy. Could look like a genius or could end up getting wrecked. My guess is he wants to sit on the money and react where he needs to. I mean once teams have shot their load, he might make out like a bandit. We'll have to see how it all works out.

An interesting recent Twitter exchange between Eric Norwood, Ted Laurent and Bryan Hall, with Norwood trying to persuade Laurent to re-sign with the Ticats. Laurent thinks quite highly of himself :slight_smile:

I'm not that familiar with Twitter so I'm not sure what the Lemon reply means.

If I was a betting man(and I am) I'm putting money down on come Tuesday that Laurent will be wearing Chick's old number #97 jersey in Saskatchewan and that Chick will be officially given Laurent's old number #97 jersey to wear this season in Hamilton. Yup I've said it, Laurent will wind up on the prairies wearing Green and White this season. :cry:

I think he'll be with one of Hamilton,Montreal and the deal will be for between 230 and 260. I think Laing will be the one landing in Saskatchewan for around 200.

I still say Saskatchewan, Jones didn't cut all those guys for nothing when he went to the Riders and I think right now he has the fattest wallet of all the GM'S and he will be spending it freely come Tuesday. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he wound up with both Laurent and Laing plus a few other key high ticketed players when this is all said and done. Jones has gotten rid of close to half the roster from last years 3-15 squad and is in a complete rebuild mode and needs to appease all the Melon heads who are pissed about him releasing big ticket items like Chick and Dressler and pretty much what was left of that 2013 Grey Cup team. You watch and see what happens,mark my words come Tuesday Jones is going to rape a lot of teams of their top talent to restock his depleted roster.

Teddy will be signing with us and I call $265K for one year.
This is all posturing by Ted's agent, as it should be, He is the star of free agent frenzy
I can't see how MTL will have the cap space after Bourke, if Ted signs in MTL then Austin goes all in on Bourke to play with his buddy Bomben

#97- John Chick- Hamilton Ti-Cats
#97-Ted Laurent-Saskatchewan Roughriders

Essentially a straight up trade off of two #97's. We will find out tomorrow but like I said earlier my gut tells me that Big Teddy winds up on the prairies this season. I hope I'm wrong but I honestly think that unless something drastic happens we have seen the last of Laurent in a Ti-Cat uniform. Hopefully we don't also lose Hall , but I think he will re-sign along with Bulcke giving us an interior of the line consisting of Hall,Bulcke,Gaydosh,Nevis and Gill for this season and possibly one of either FA's Atkinson or Hazime as well although I don't think these two are high priority signings and both are replaceable if lost as both have had injury issues the past three seasons.

It seems the opposition want to get Ted out of Ham, can't blame them.

If you watch this … tch~803421
Ted Wants 300.000 But Gary Lawless Said He’ll sign for 200,000
He’s gettting NFL Looks and I don’t think He’ll be back in The Hammer

It will be the NFL or Else where in CFL for Ted
I can’t see Kent Paying 200,000 For him and losing Medlock & Others.

I want Ted back but at most He’s worth 150,000 Per Year.

In the video, Lawless says Laurent "will be a $250,000 player in the CFL" (not $200,00).

Somebody will definitely pay Laurent more than $150,000 in this league - he's worth much more than that because of his talent and the passport premium.