Could someone clarify?

Is the new site and Bob's investments based on an immediate 25-30 thousand seat stadium or two phased. Doing it all at once would seem to make a whole lot more sense once??? Just curious

As I understand it, yes.

All at once.

I think that is awesome. Count me in for a pair of season tickets unless they do that seat license thing.

I don't think The Caretaker is interested in a 15,000 seat stadium. Give Bob room hes thinking big right now. :cowboy:

Dunno, but I will say I'd be happy if it turned out to be a 25-28 thousand stadium, so long as there was room to expand the seating on both a temporary and permanent basis for Grey Cups and if the Cats start drawing more. In addition, having seating in both end zones would be nice too.

Don't you need at least 40 thousand for a Grey Cup? Would that not mean you would need at least 28-30 permanent seats to start with in an outdoor stadium. I don't have any idea.

I seriously still think a retractable roof would be the best but that's probably not realistic at this point because you would need 40 thousand permanent seats I assume. Sure would be nice for the Grey Cups and might guarantee a regular rotation for the Grey Cup if it had a roof and would also be more usable all year round.

If Bob is using the guy who did the new Cowboy stadium maybe he can work a roof out for our new one though considering what their paying in B.C. for a roof the price would probably be way to expensive unless another partner can be brought in as I have said before like Dofasco and call it the Dofasco Dome (I can never remember their parent company I'll have to look again on Saturday) or a parner like Jim Baslilee, hmm. "The Lulu Rim" or LULU Rim Stadium kind of a neat name for a stadium.

The bottom line great news on a new stadium in the last couple of days!!!

A roof would be icing on the cake. Sure would help draw bigger fan numbers in late Oct. and Nov.

Couldn't agree more, I wonder if Delucca is big enough to try making a crowning jewel to their company the roof of the new stadium who knows great to dream though. Dofasco steel, Delucca roofing, Rim computer technology the place could be truly a state of the art stadium. The truth for myself and many others remains that we just want to see it built and soon!!

So far there is only enough money for 15,000 seats.

The $50 million dollars needed to bring the stadium's
size up to 25,000 seats hasn't been accounted for yet.

And besides, in Fenn's report, it was suggested that
[b]if the East Mountain site is chosen as the site

the City wants to contribute $45 million
of their Hamilton Future Fund money

not the $60 million dollars that
they would have at the Rheem site.[/b]

The City would hold back $15 million dollars
for downtown and West Harbour development.

Putting the caretaker's $15 million in

would top that up again to $60 million

so with the senior government's money,
we get a bare bones 15,000 seat stadium.

However; [b] Brad Clark was explaining today that

lots of money has been spent on the Rheem site,
and on the expropriation of homes around it, and

he talked about further reducing that $45 million.[/b]

Thanks Ron

IMO even if 16 million is give by the provicial government the cities contribution should be in the neighbourhood of 20-30 million give or take.

adawg and rev:
right now with Bob's 15 million and 45 from the city it looks like the total money for a stadium is around 100 million.
In the Fenn Report the City agreed to do a study on what it would cost for an extra 10 thousand seats.
Maybe there will be some extra revenue available we don't know about yet but there is no reference to that 50 million from private investors that was in the original proposal in either the Fenn Report or the letter from Bob to the Mayor outlining his plan.
One thing that was mentioned is that they may keep the stadium seating to somewhere around 28 to 30 thousand to cut down on any unsold seats. That could also cut down the cost of expansion.
So it's hard to say until the city does its study, how much more money will be needed for a football stadium.....or where any extra money will come from.
Bob also referred to Osmington looking at increased revenue sources. Maybe the Tiger-Cats will finance the outstanding amount as part of their management agreement and based on their new regional marketing strategy.
More to come on this I guess.

Thanks everybody, I sure hope the stadium on the mountain gets done, the sooner the better. Seems only logical to me after the mediation process which took place though I must say from my point of view logic is not necessarily in large supply on the Hamilton Mayor and Council side. It would have been great to have the stadium already being built but there is no sense dwelling on the woulda, coulda, shoulda, let's just hope it starts soona then lata.