Could RVs be an answer for The 2013 Grey CUP

In going to the Grey Cup you want to make it an enjoyable experience and not a hassle.
In listening the the Sports Cage every teams fans will be given one of the Hockey Arenas in and near Regina as a place for their fans to meet, Rally, and hold their parties.
Would it be possible for RV rental Companies to drive their fleet of RVs to each parking lot or nearby parking lots of these arena's and set up a temporary Hotel. Fans from regions who will be flying in would then have a place to stay as RVs that are like hotel rooms and be walking distance to their teams Grey Cup Home base of activities, be in comfort, and not have to stay in Moose Jaw 45 minutes away.
Other Areas can also be set up with a fleet of RVs in an area that would be much closer to Regina.

In some Olympic Games that were near Major water ways that floating hotels were set up by luxury cruise lines. RVs could be the Answer in a Prairie Location such as Regina

In doing a very quick search I found that there are RV companies near Saskatchewan in Calgary and Edmonton.

This is just one company I found

I heard that this was done last time but it appeared that people had all rented and driven the RVs in. This would be ok if you were coming from Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg but is quite a different haul if your coming from Eastern Canada as air would be your travel mode but if the RVs are already in place waiting for you it could then be a realistic option.

Thoughts ?
Good Idea ?
Bad Idea ?