Could Rockey Butler be in blue and gold?

now that he has been released could we see him in the peg?

no he will ask for to much money and we gota test ryan.

I don't think Berry is too impressed with the guy.

Dinwiddie is now number 2, with a couple of stiffs coming in to fight for number 3.

Rocky is a powter when he isn't at least #2. He asked for his release from the Cats after we were going to carry 4 qbs. Rumour is that he wasn't happy with the money as well.

Rocky has had 2 good games and they were both against the Cats.

I think the Bombers have a solid 1-2 combo at QB and bringing in a raw rookie and letting him develop a little will help.

In Hamilton, we keep hearing Timmy Chang's name in trade rumours to the Bombers but in my opinion, you don't want him.

He had a few good games in Sask too man.