Could Quebec City be the 10th team or maybe the 11th team

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"I have had a chance to visit w/ @JacquesTanguay, and he’s a remarkable man in his own right. And now I think maybe this is a conversation we can start to have about the possibility of a pro football team in Quebec City." - @RandyAmbrosie

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Randy certainly is beating the bushes.


Good. They have had exhibition games but with their biggest "rival" and most disliked city's teams playing.

Quebec is a hotbed of junior football and their universities are turning out players ready to play in pro football.

Top of the pile is they could build a stadium or extend a univeristy stadium rather quickly.


What a great rivalry that would make with the Als.


Here's the complete Sun article:



Plus added bonus of (hopefully) traction with more french speaking fans
I feel like the Als playing in Ontario division hurts them; Ottawa is cute but a real rival is worth far more

(And as added bonus Quebecor can prove to NHL they can run a sports franchise)


That rivalry would be epic. They could have a home rivalry game with the ALS or possibly the RougeNoirs on St Jean Baptiste Day in June. Would be an instant sellout. Then you have the ALS which would be in another stratosphere all together. And now that there would be more teams, those teams would only visit once a year making those tickets that much more valuable and make those games that much of a bigger event. It’s self marketing at that point and would become a huge event. The return game in Montreal would probably be played at the Big Owe and would help that franchise with an instant draw and bring in playoff game type revenues

This doesn’t even cover the increased national TV money from the extra game every week and the possible involvement of TVA Sports in CFL football, which could potentially help the Quebec franchise, the ALS and possibly even Ottawa.
It’s win win win all around


It's an interesting development. An opportunity to grease the wheels here.

1 expansion team up for grabs. It was Halifax's for the taking for years. They don't seem motivated enough, otherwise they would have built a stadium by now.

Now Halifax has competition. Whoever gets a stadium done first gets the team.

Halifax, Quebec... your time starts now. Good luck.


I would never spit on an expansion to Quebec, altough I am not sure that the chat Ambrosie had could be considered as a serious first step toward having a CFL team in Quebec city. There was never a real interest from neither the local politics since decades nor the business community. Tanguay was long viewed as an opponent of the CFL since it would have been viewed as a competition to the dominant Rouge et Or. Even if the expansion talks become serious, the Laval stadium would need renovations to bar the pro standards.

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I had Quebec expansion on the back burner in my mind but the purchase by Peledeau might change that. The linked article gives me some hope that Quebec expansion is more than a pipe dream.

I don’t really care where the CFL expands but as has been pointed out, Quebec is as good a place as any and probably better than most.


For sure Peladeau being in the fold can only help Quebec City's chances not hinder them. Having extra content in Quebec would put him on the yes side.

My understanding the Wettenal family was not open to a team in Quebec City. If so that's more influential votes that would steer a team away even if there was a plan.

The league looking at the tempi-permant stadium model could open up the scope for the 10th team along the hire of Park Lane who's supposed to reach out to potential ownership groups for existing and expansion teams. With the quick sale of the Als, it seems they were effective.

If they can't get a good ownership group to work with a tempi-permant venue in Atlantic Canada can't be found, they may get one in Quebec City instead

Interesting times


Laval stadium is not that far away from a starter stadium .

7,500 seats can be squeezed in there to get it close to 20 k and

then they can look at something better

maybe near the new arena

wishful thinking


Not just wishful's do able. A bunch of CFL teams play in the same venue as their university does........why not Quebec?


I am convinced and you are convinced

but a few handshakes

some sweaty will need to be done before they allow them to play

at Peps full time .

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I would continue with the theme and put a 2nd team at the same time as Quebec City and Halifax. Gets you 3 more teams, a balanced schedule, 54 more games, a bigger tv deal, more advertising revenue. Suddenly the CFL becomes a growing concern.

Evolve or die.

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I was not talking about unemployment number we were talking about average income and what does Unemployment rate have to do with anything? Quebec has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the Als are on their fourth owner in four years.

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Quebec City does not have a stadium. Universite of Laval has a stadium and they have a team. People have to start getting that through their heads. They don't want a CFL team. They are happy dominating Usports and being the big fish in the small pound and that's ok.

100% agree ... nothing happens unless the Rouge et Or "financial backers" decide they want a CFL team

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Agreed. Although the league could do more to try to persuade/uncover financial backers, the only reason we've been talking about Halifax the past 5 years or so is because there are (or at least were) financial backers there.

If a group similar to SSE had appeared lobbying for a team in QC, I think the discussion would be just as much about that city.


Unless it is the R&O backers a CFL franchise in QC would likely be looking at building an entirely new stadium as the R&O folks wouldn't be giving someone else access to Stade TELUS-Université Laval.

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