Could Peyton Manning do any better ?

" You cant throw a pass... When youre sitting on your gr-ass. "

Did everyone see how well PM did tonight when the rush was getting to him ???

Its not just the sacks themselves, its the "1 steamboat" our QBs are getting that kills us. We undoubtedly lead the Universe in "HURRIES". That has everything to do with throwing the ball too soon or inaccurately.

Danny Mac was boo-ed out of town because he " couldnt throw anymore"; Jason Maas came in here after a terrific season in EDM. but " forgot" how to play football in 1 season; now Printers ( NFL tryout calibre) is a bum . What did they all have in common ? A LOUSY O-LINE, thats what !
Both D.Mac. and Maas suffered injuries
from which they never recovered.
How long before the next QB goes down for keeps? When they talk about " running for your life" , they aren`t kidding in Hamilton. These QBs have to be concerned about their careers with respect to injuries...does anyone think Printers would consider re-signing after this?

What are the scouts and Obie doing ?
All we see is Stiff "A" being replaced by Stiff "B". What about coaching ?
Last December,when Obie announced the re-hiring of Taafe, you could hear the GROANS out of Hamilton in Whitehorse.
Even Obie wasnt sold on the idea. I think we all knew this was a "Stay of Execution" for( "Were workin on it") Charlie. Now 5-23, mgmt. says they "dont believe in changing." Which translates into " Weve been sitting on our duffs doing nothing for 9 months. In all that time you guys cant locate

  • 1 * warm coaching body in all North America as a potential replacement ??? PLEASE !!! Not good enough .
    How did Edmonton manage to turn it around like they have?
    I KNOW !!! " Were workin on it !!!"

Maas can't blame the pass rush. Guy was damaged goods.

The point is still a good one.

You don't need to be (physically) able to hurl the ball 65 yards to be successful. You need time and space.

Peyton wouldn't be successful in Canada. I determined this last nite. He takes way to long to put plays in and he can't move.