Could opportunity be knocking at the door?

The Lions will have a rendezvous with destiny this Friday when they meet the Montreal Als in Montreal. The good news is the Lions almost beat Montreal in their last meeting at Empire Field [16-12]. The bad news is the game is in Montreal where the Lions last year, in the playoffs, were ground down and pulverized like a box of unwanted kitty litter. 56-18!

It is reported that his royal highness Anthony Calvillo will not be donning his regal uniform and will be sitting this one out due to a sternum injury. I'm saddened because he's one of my favorite QBs. But then one has to wonder- might this be opportunity knocking at the door to the Lions den? When Calvillo got injured, his understudy Chris Leak put together some pretty good winning combinations so I don't think he should be taken lightly. But he's not a Calvillo. This may be an opportunity for the Lions' D to help the O by snagging some interceptions or making some key sacks.

I was encouraged when the the Lions held Montreal to just 16 points in their last meeting [and that was with Calvillo playing]. But then again, they allowed 56 points in the previous meeting last year. When you combine the two games the Lions have been outscored 72-30. Not a pretty sight. So, who knows what to expect this Friday?

I do hope the Lions get to enjoy a nice cold refreshing drink to ease their dry parched throats instead of eating more dirt like they have grown accustom to this season.

Another chance to redeem themselves. I don't think the young players will be as easily demoralized as some people think. The young'uns just want to have fun. If they can avoid the goofy start they pulled last week - who knows - they might be able to hang one on Montreal. Tension is building again. Hope blooms eternal.