Could Odell Willis have been involved in point-shaving?

Grey Cup wagers at Vegas would have been at their highest. The Bomber's were 7.5 point underdogs and they lost by 11. Odell Willis, a player who confessed he'd rather be home instead of playing in the Grey Cup drops a gift-wrapped pick-six in the second half. Given his lack of team loyalty, could he have been involved in point shaving so that he and others could cash in on their wagers that B.C. would cover the spread? Greed has tempted players with more character than Odell Willis to do the same.

Congratulations for making the stupidest post of the year!

Source? proof? So every dropped ball could be point shaving? Odell Willis isn't on the Bombers for his hands :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Boream must have been in the fix to, 16 yard punt!

By that logic buck must have been in on it too since when i play flag football in the park i complete way more passes than he did in that game.

Good. Grief.

...Dangerous ground when you start pointing fingers like that Bombsaway...There is not a shred of evidence to suggest Willis would ever jeopardize his career with the Bombers or with any other club with that type of nonsense...Unbelieveable :thdn: :lol:

this is all goes back to last thursday when odell tweeted he'd rather be at home having thanksgiving dinner with his familly instead of doing interviews with the media at the grey cup and people took it way out of context.

i have facebook.. they allow status updates.. sometimes i have some pretty interesting updates, a few times a couple friends have called and asked if i was ok.. i said yeah im fine, they said then whats with the facebook update.. i said oh that? lol... its facebook.. its what im thinking at that exact second i type it. its there for my entertainment.. just like twitter.. its for your entertainment and its for your enjoyment and ppl blow these things way out of context and take it way too seriously...

willis actually played well in the grey cup, had pressure all game and if proulx and the crew wanted too, could have called holding on bc a heck of a lot of times, bc got away with a lot..

i cant blame odell for tweeting his thoughts, honestly if i was in his shoes, yeah id rather be with family than doing media interviews...i mean how many times can one person be asked the same question..

i cant blame hef for saying bc is soft and that the whole week it was bc this bc that.. cuz reality is.. IT WAS. honestly by the time sunday rolled around even i myself, HUGE FAN, BOMBER FAN, HUUGE.. even i was wondering why are they bother playing the game.. bc has already won according to the media and pre show hype by tsn.

i cant blame these guys for posting their thoughts... cuz honestly i do the same... and quite honesty.. we are all doing that the second we type a post on here.. sharing our thoughts and opinions.. only difference is, nobody knows, well a few ticat fans seem too but nobody rreally knows who thekillerisme is.. its an assumed identity... its not like odell or hef where we all know who they are.

i'll say this.. imagine twitter was around when milt and charlie roberts were still playing and on the team..


I suppose anything is possible, why don't you ask him face to face?

…We are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL…We get no respect…Granted, respect is earned and i think we did enough this season to earn ‘some’…Not ‘enough’ to a few but we’ll straighten that out next year :wink:

I think that tweet started with things from earlier in the day. TSN had Chris Cvetkovic doing interviews with his teammates including Willis. I believe the interviews occurred at the CFL luncheon and Odell said that he was trying to get full on food he had never seen before. I think that played a part in his missing his family's dinner even more.

Let's not forget the question is 'could he'.

Nobody is saying he was and based on the poll results, most don't buy into it.

To even suggest it is still offensive.

People need to remember that twitter is an informal way of communicating limited to 140 characters or less. It’s getting annoying however stupid little tweets are constantly being taken out of context and given meaning beyond their intention. I buy Willis’ explanation. I lived in the US for 15 years and thanksgiving there is on a different level for a lot of people compared to the canadian thanksgiving. I get it. However, given facebook and twitter and how news networks, including sports networks, are constantly looking for storylines and, better yet, some form of controversy they can sell to people to build their viewership, players need to be more on their guard for such things and, unfortunately, edit the expression of their thoughts and actions accordingly.

I wonder how many of the people giving Odell a hard time about the tweet have ever been away from their family on Christmas. A guy gets homesick on what he likely considers the biggest holiday of the year and people demonize him. It is ridiculous.

A clear No vote winner.