Could Not Access The Forum For a While. What Did I Miss

Hello All,

For some reason, The website would not log me in for about three weeks. I have also been traveling for a while on business and I see that the Bombers have had their troubles as of late. Can we still make the playoffs, or are we too far back?

Can someone catch me up as to what has happened and what have I missed?



Started the season well by beating Ham big and things looked good ! Then we wasted a great Buck Pierce performance and our Defence made a Tor rookie QB look like Doug flutie,Tor beats us at home ! Went back in to Hamilton and didn’t show up and lost 28 7. We bounce back nicely by beating the visiting ESKS with Jyles as QB ! ! Played a good game in CGY lost by 3 and had a 3 throws to the endzone at the end of the game ! We go back to Hamilton and lose 29 22, so we are 2-4 at this point ! Need to win the 4th game vs the ticats to even the series ! Instead our defence came out unprepared and we were down 14 0 after 5 minutes ! Ended up getting embarrassed at home and now they were 2-5 ! Went to MTL , went down 24 -0 after dumb penalties and mental errors which has defined our season! We knocked out Calvillo in that game and got with in 7 but our defence let the Als off the hook in the 4th ! That’s how we are 2-6 !
Hopefully all the mental mistakes is part of the learning process for a young rebuilt team ? We have suffered some key injuries to QB’S and key players on offence and defence ! Losing Pierce has hurt this team, but not the reason why we are 2 6 !

One injury after another is all,

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yup ill agree withh pigseye… one injury after another after another… dont think we’ve had 1 game where our starters from game 1 have played together since game 1.

Hello All,

Thanks for the update. Do any of you think that we have a chance to turn it around and make the playoffs?


just go to the videos section here.. most games "highlights" are shown and plays of the week.

You most certainly can.You have a very tough team that has what it takes to roll with any team in the league.You have the pieces to the puzzle, now just to assemble it.

Mike Kelly was fired.

Bauer ran away and quit over the phone.

Asper has no money but good intentions.

New Stadium is losing as many parts as the team is losing games.

FOLLOW-UP......Kelly is now working in a recycling position (see pic below)

....................Bauer stopped running and is now 'running' the show in cowtown

....................Asper is still solvent and is preceding very well in his quest to own the Bombers

....................The sky is not falling with regard to the new stadium and neither is the roof...or any other part that i am aware of???? :roll: