Could Moncton or another Atlantic city have done TDA2?

Ok, Halifax has got another EX game again this season. No question there.

but could have Moncton or another Atlantic city have done TD Atlantic this coming season?

with their new Stadium on the way, no doubt Moncton will be consider for hosting an EX game in the Future, can any other city Atlantic city do that?

I know London and Kingston (since of a GC in the 1930's) could, but their in Ontario and QC has done it before.

i would like to see montreal vs toronto at PEPS stadium, configured to 20 the gliebs and CFL can gauge how successful a renegade re-location would be.

If the gades fail to draw more support this year, increase the stadium size at PEPS to 20,000 and we'll have the same situation that Montreal did last year(which isn't necessarily a bad thing). A limited number of seats available in a "good football atmosphere" at a high price and the team would be making profits that would be competitive with other franchises.

I don't think the CFL would hold any more Touchdown Atlantic games in any atlantic city other than Halifax. They seem to have their eyes set on Halfiax and for good reason(possible stadium from commonwealth games).

So "no" there isn't any other place in the Atlantics they could try and they can't try Moncton becase of no Stadium.

PAPS Stadium is in QC, correct? nah wait, let me check, yep! forget that question.

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That what I found on NB, so nothing yet.

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Richardson Stadium in Kingston, Ontario looks pretty good for the Gades if they get kicked out of FCS.

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ok, so only Halifax can do it this time. but Moncton is building a Stadium that can be used for Football as we speack.

Richardson Stadium, though large, is a rusty old remnant from the First World War. It was built at the same time as the Al's current home, but is just a (rather nice) bleacher. They are considering to build a new stadium.

Newfoundland has 10 000 seat King George V Park (formerly the National Stadium). It will hard trying to fill it up for an exhibition game, though, but probably could be expanded, unlike Swiler's.

wheres richardson stadium?

Is in Kingston, Ontario. It sayas that can seat 10,000.

And what about the legendary Apple Bowl in Kelowna? Could be configurated to host a pre-season game in the future?

capacity there?...and population of that city?

Have they even officially announced it as being in Halifax?

not officially...but i posted articles from last week, that said its all but confirmed, gades vs als at huskie stadium.

Yeah I saw those, but I din't know if it official or not.

id imagine they r working out the details, and thats whats delaying the schedule.

yeah, good point. Hopefully it wont be as expensive as last time, and more like average prices.

last time they had a heck of a time getting extra seats, cuz temp bleachers in the area were being used by bush's inaguration.

O yeah. Well any way back to the topic, I think another city should have gotten a chance.

At the Grey Cup week I recall Tom Wright specifically stating how it was not
decided which of the three cities would hold the X game. Moncton, Halifax and QC were specifically outlined. One of the main reasons it’s going back to Halifax I believe is to expedite expansion. Especially now the city has won the Canadian Commonweath bid. Let’s hope so as we can’t wait till 10 or 14.

Kingston has a population of 150 00, and so does Kelowna. However, Kelowna is smack-dab right in the middle of the Okanagan Valley, with the cities of Penticton and Vernon to the north and south. About 300 000 people in the area. The Apple Bowl is an old concrete bleacher left over from the 1920s, much like the Raymond Field at Acadia. It seats 4000, and could easily be expanded temporarily (lots of room along the main bleacher, which is somewhat narrow), but little space on the other sides of the stadium, unless you build over the track. Saint John, NB, also has Canada Games Stadium, which is of fair size, and probably holds at least 5k. If anyone wants pics of them (and save yourselves time surfing), I'll upload what I've found.

That's all great Z and certainly the area is beautiful as having driven through couple of years ago, what about the $, corporate sponsors and equally as important, the political will. Is it just us tossing around these topics and viable expansion sites, or has there been anything conrete in this region?

please upload the pics.

argotom, i think its just us tossin around ideas, when discussing any site other than halifax or QC