Could Mitchell sign with a CFL team other than Calgary?

I was taken by surprise listening to a local sports show and it was mentioned that Bo Levi might be willing to entertain offers from CFL teams other than just Calgary if he doesn’t sign in the NFL. I know that he has stated that he would only come back to the Stamps if not signed in the NFL. These comments remind me very much of Henry Burris adamantly state that he was coming back to the Riders right up until it was announced that he had signed in Calgary. What does everyone else think? He would command a very large salary and maybe a different team might be willing to outbid the Stamps. I have also heard that both Reilly and Mitchell could earn nearly $700K per season. Thoughts?

I don’t see why Bo would break up the winning combination with D. Dickenson, playing in the last 3 Grey Cup championship games. It would be a huge risk for Bo to sign with another OC, who may or may not understand his strengths.

I also don’t see why Calgary wouldn’t match or beat any offer Bo received, regardless of the offer. If the Stamps are sincere about competing for another Grey Cup, Bo gives them the best chance to repeat.

…BLM has gone on public record to say he’d return to the Stamps if his NFL options fail to launch, and I believe him to be a man of his words, being raised Texan and all…him, not me…he talked about things like proven-organization, close relationship with the HC, excellent lifestyle and the potential for legacy here…not to say other organizations do not have those benefits, just saying it’s familiar territory here for him…

…that being said, this possibility of him shopping around has to be true, and as a business move why wouldn’t you? what would say Sask be willing to pay? Toronto? this isn’t so much BLM as his agent, doing what agents are supposed to do, prove your value…then they will schedule a meeting with JH and see if the Stamps agree with that value…

Saw this today by Justin Dunk.

Everything is in play if the Stamps decide to lowball him figuring he’s a shoe-in to come back to them. If they pay him what he’s worth, can’t see him signing anywhere else. But if they don’t, he’s not playing in Calgary for $500K if Reilly is making $700 K in BC or Edmonton

In fairness to HB, he wanted to return…he was asking for a number that was more than fair and the4y wouldn’t give it.

If someone wants to pay a QB that they are really handicapping themselves…unless the cap takes a pretty big boost. I just don’t see how a team can pay 700k to a QB and have enough love left to spread around as needed. Even the 600k number seems pretty high, but probably doable.

I think Bo’s decision will be based on if he commits before free agency and how the Stamps react if he doesn’t. They have been pretty blunt that they would go after someone else if he doesn’t. So then it depends on that contract I guess.

Sask’n has duffel bags full of money. They don’t have much in the QB Dept.

Could potentially offer BLM upwards of $700k/anum, perhaps pre-paid for 2 years (CFL form of guarantee)

Best happens is they get a QB who could confront Winnipeg & BC

Worst is they cripple Calgary’s salary cap - forcing the Stamps to re-up Mitchell in the $625 to $650k area . . . . Stamps won’t need to pre-pay either, they don’t have to. Sask. has to!

I predict he goes to Toronto.

It doesn’t matter how much money is in the bank. They can only spend exactly what every other team spends.

All things being equal, BLM will probably sign with the Stamps but as mentioned before on this thread the agent has to do everything he can to get him the best deal possible…I don’t see Calgary letting BLM go (someone they know) for a few bucks and then having to find a different QB (someone they don’t know), it doesn’t make sense…I am more concerned that the CFL and the CFLPA aren’t sitting down and talking about a new deal yet…alot of players and teams are waiting for this before they sign up…It will be interesting how this plays out on the 12th…if there aren’t significant signings in the 1st couple of days of FA, it could spell trouble for the CFL as a league…

I don’t see Huff paying top dollar. If someone offers him say 650k, Huff might offer 575-600. I have a hard time seeing him even spending that though. It is very tough to build depth and sustainable systems around that when you have players being the top paid in their position. The CFL really needs players who buy in and will take a bit less in order to pay those mid-salary guys that put you over the top. Paying 650k means one less really good Canadian OL, sacrificing a top end WR, stuff like that.

You know Hufnagel better than I do…I am not a Stamps fan, so I am offering up an opinion like most others have on this subject, having said that, I could see BLM going to another team if it plays out as you say. BLM will say that the Stamps obviously didn’t value him as a player and what he has done for this team and will go to a team that does step up and pay him what he values himself to be. That is usually the way a dance goes in these cases.

…or BLM will take the home-town discount that JH is offering and see it as a long-term play and be the Stamps QB (barring injury) for years…depop’s argument about not being able to build a suitable team around him will apply to any team, and Huf will make sure BLM understands that if he doesn’t already…

…I wonder too, BLM and Reilly are friends, and probably talk during the off-season, and I wonder if they are poking each other to sign first, so the other one can gauge what they should be worth…

Absolutely, and not meaning to imply otherwise. Simply that some GMs are more willing/geared towards paying it than others. Guys like Huf historically avoid it…and personally I agree with him. It is a bit tougher as it is the QB, but he definitely applies it to about everything else. Jones and Wally generally echoed the same mentality. Guys like Baker and Popp are more willing to pay that and try to work around it. Both are valid strategies…tis all about preference. In the CFL, I am a fan of essentially not paying top dollar and getting guys who buy in and understand…Absolutely nothing wrong with a player wanting to max out their contract…but then they should be aware that they are potentially going to see some lesser overall depth around them (big deal for a QB) or be that guy who is unceremoniously released/shopped at some point.

As to BLM and Reilly waiting…they really have nothing to lose. They are gunna get paid somewhere and Ican’t blame them for waiting to see how the CBA is looking to go. If it ends up going up 500k or something then they will be smiling. I have to wonder if a GM has approached them about some fixed rate of cap…for argument sake say 10%…520k now, 600k if it hikes…or some sort of twist on that. It lets the team get a deal done and it ensures the player they get a piece of any potential hike.

BLM would sure look good wearing the Alouettes’ new uniform! ;D

but…but…but…Johnny Football is going to get err dun between flus

There is no question the salary cap is going up and so it should.
Meaning Reilly and BLM if he stays will likely be in the $750k range.

That is a bold assumption that could burn a team pretty hard…but is the reason some of the top end guys are holding out…can’t fault them.

What if they keep the cap the same and it is profit sharing after X amount? That profit sharing would very likely not kick in for 2019…it would likely be based on 2018 or 2019 numbers for 2020. even if it does go up a bunch now, realistically it is probably only going to increase by 4-600k tops. 750k would be essentially a 50% raise for these guys when the teams get 10%. IMO the dreams some have of a 7-12 mil cap are just that…dreams. Even if it does happen, it will be phased in.

Maybe that was their thinking when they came up with that logo. :wink:

M = Mitchell