Could Mark Trestman be a good fit in Riderville?

Bad timing indeed for the Riders, but, the schedules have already been released.
I have thought about viable replacements, but most have been inked for the upcoming season (not that signing a contract means anything)
Trestman might be a good fit out there, but probably would just want to concentrate on coaching and not the other time consuming requirements Jones had taken on.
Probably a good mentor to get Collaros confidence back on track

Had it been before his release from Toronto, I would say absolutely. However, given his departure was basically because he was apparently showing signs of obsession, I think to bring him into a contender team like the Riders could be a recipe for locker room backlash. That said, Jones wasn’t exactly a player’s coach either…so it might work.

If I was the Rider’s brass, with how limited a time frame to work with, I promote from within. In theory Calgary is going to begin a decline if Bo leaves for the south. I wouldn’t want to muck around with what I have going right now.

To me it seems that Trestman has better success with older, experienced, savvy QBs who can understand his offence more easily and can execute it with immediate results. Calvillo and Ray were the class of the league and together with Trestman won 3 Cups. But the results are not so flattering when Trestman has to do double duty as a baby-sitter/mentor. Witness the debacle last year in Toronto with Franklin and Bethel-Thompson or even in Chicago with a loose cannon such as Jay Cutler. According to reports Trestman was never able to rein him in.

As a result the Rider’s lack of a QB stability might make Trestman an unsuitable candidate in Saskatchewan right now.

I would have to think Trestman would be their top choice as the best and most experienced HC out there. But from his perspective, he can sit at home in 2019 and still collect his salary from the Argos, and he has several close family members fighting serious illnesses. I’d be surprised if he took on a full-time job this year.

It’s interesting that the chaos in SSK caused by CJ’s departure is similar to that in TOR in early 2017 when they fired Barker around the same time of the year. They had no real GM for the start of free agency. By all rights their season should have been a disaster, even after Popp and Trestman joined a bit later on. (As for how their season actually turned out that year … well, you can Google it.)