Could Lulay have played it smarter?

With a little over a minute left in the game the Lions got the ball all the way down to the Eskies' 40 yard line. A field goal would tie it. They were within field goal range. Lulay knows the D is going to try and eat him for dinner. Why not a couple of screen passes, or draw plays or hand it off to Robertson? 5+ yards wouldn't give them a first down but it would at least give them a better chance for the tie and in over-time anything can happen. What would guys have done?

Of course he could be smarter but the reality is that he is very green and needs a lot more time before he starts games.

I’m sure nobody is taking the last two losses harder than him.

I'm asking about his play selection during the final series. What would you have done or were you okay with the choices given the circumstances? I'm not talking about execution here or how badly he might feel.

Just a question for more seasoned lions fans. Do you think the fumble was his fault?

Maybe he should have tucked and took the sack but he had no time to make his decision.

I'm not sure it's all Lulay's fault. It just seems to me that no matter which quarterback is in the game they hold the ball too long. This tells me that the quarterbacks and receivers are not on the same page or don't understand the passing game package. Maybe the passing game package is too complicated. There are way too many mistakes and it seems to have been this way for a long time. Maybe Wally needs to look what Chapdelaine is doing. Maybe he can't teach it well enough.

Lulay doesn't call his own plays. Not his fault that his offensive coordinator doesn't know how to call a low-risk game that doesn't expose his quarterback to blindside pressure in the pocket.

That whole series was a gong show. On the first-down incompletion, it looked like the play was sent in late. Simon didn't even know where he was supposed to line up.

That was the first time I've seen Simon looking totally bewildered. I wonder if Lulay couldn't pick up the play from the bench through his headset and was having problems calling the play. No matter, it's always easy to second guess in hindsight. It's just as easy to say that if McCallum had not missed the 46 yard field goal and if the 2 point conversion was successful the Lions would have been up 30-28!

With regards to the play calling, Chapdelaine could have been a lot more conservative... he had to know pressure was coming. A draw play would have been the perfect call. I know hindsight is 20-20, but that's what I was thinking should have been the call watching the game...

As for the fumble, that was 100% on Lulay's shoulders. When you start to feel that pressure you either tuck it and hope for the best or send it into the stands. Rookie mistake, 'nuff said!

Printers on the otherhand would have "forced" it into double coverage and had it picked off.

O-line needs to be better.

Chapedelaine needs to be fired.

There are two improvements needed right away.