Could Kevin Strasser become our O.C.?

He also worked in Montreal. Desjardins knows him. If Taafe is our coach next year, would they bring Strasser in as O.C. since the Als let him go?
I'm not sure if Strasser and Taafe have a history, though. I think Strasser may have become Montreal's offensive coordinator after Taafe left the CFL.
Still, it's a thought.
(And Greg Marshall as our defensive coordinator! Hah! But I just don't see that happening. Unless he's getting a head coach job, he won't leave Winnipeg, I think. Still, it's a nice thought.)

I could definitely see this happening now!

Charley Was OC Back in his Monteal Days.
He could very well do the Same thing in Steeltowm.

bring Strasser as our O.C could happen but it may happen also