could kerry watkins be traded for the top draft pick?

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He's not in Popp's good books, and they just signed Jamel Richardson.

why Pop will Cut him…
They don’t get a Along .
We can pick him after he is cut.

But how was Watkin's relationship with Marcel B. (our OC)? Would he want to come here (if worst case scenario he was cut)?

I'd Rather Risk that Give up that 1st Round Pick.
There are bigger Fish out there.
We just have to wait.
Teams Want Barker and Gegare

If need be, trade #8 and/or #9, i.e. the next two Ticat picks after #1 to land Watkins. I'm sure Obie will listen to whatever Popp would propose. That being said, I wouldn't give up #1.

We have first shot on the waiver wire. We don't necessarily have to jump at every possibility. The team has options and an experienced GM now to sift through those.

Oski Wee Wee,

Watkins is just another Cavil type player. Very overrated and just another Montreal reciever who will do nothing with whatever team picks him up.

it absolutely amazes me how fans can be so blind to the weaknesses of their own team.

How can you say that Kerry Watkins is overrated?

You guys are treating Miles like the second coming of Randy Moss, but he hasnt seen 1000 yards in two seasons. Watkins has surpassed the milestone in the last three years, even though he missed 3 games in 2007.

For gosh sakes, none, and I mean none of the cat receivers ever had a sniff of a thousand yards since 2005. You want overrated? Start with Armstead. Even though he always had a good QB, his stats are pathetic, except for 2005.

The Als receiving corp?...Cahoon..over 1000, Watkins...same thing...Thurman...926.

So for that contest...Als 2, almost 3.

As far as the cat receiving corps? Well Bauman may turn out to be a decent receiver,Walker has proven nothing, French same thing, and Pat Woodcock will make you cry for the return of Brock Ralph!

Maybe Thurman and Cahoon are overated? With Printers tossing the ball you guys would be lucky to get any of our top three.

Watkins is a very good CFL receiver, period. Is he worth X number of picks to get? Methinks not, if your M.O. is to stockpile Canadian talent to maximize the number of spots a Canuck can start as opposed to a Yank, understanding like Obie that ALL your imports need to be startable quality (even if in reserve).

My take is that in the long run, maintaining the upgrade in Canadian talent from the last couple of drafts with this one will pay off more than just jettisoning picks for a quick fix in one given position. Watkins is good, but not oomph enough to snag immediately through a pick dump.

Geroy Simon, I could see if he were available (and he ISN'T until at least next year LOL).

Marcel D was wrong on his "import receivers are a dime a dozen" crib. It takes a little more work than that, methinks. I am more confident in scouting getting a CFL-able import recruit that can develop into a good receiver than just chasing teams with Canadian draft picks. Them's worth gold folks. Hugh Campbell 101!

Oski Wee Wee,