Could Karikari work?

Espo dug up some info that he posted over at the Zone that Karikari has benn cut by the Argos.

He was an all star in 2005, he's young (27 years old) and Canadian and will likely have to take a cut in salary now that he's been released by the Argos and every team is mindfull of the SMS.

Sign him Marcel.

id say go gor it, wut do we got to loose, plus canadian talent is hard to come by, even jus add him for depth at canadian postion in case. i think hed be a good sign

I say go for it to have two Canadians at safety would be awsome for our defence. Shaw would still be a good back up even tho he stunk it up last year. Kerikeri has been a great player in the past and I think he could still be an elite player in the league.

From Winnipegs forum

...i gotta agree with you piggy...Kari2 seemed to get himself all twisted around and bent out of shape after his dealings with Taman...i think he went on a downhill spiral and never really regained his composure...I don't know why T.O. cut him...maybe we shoud find that out first...but you're right ...the guy is talented and a Canadian to boot...had a great 05...maybe he's worth another look...and if he can give us 100% this time....who knows...

If we want him better move quick.

Isn't 27 considered too old for the Tiger-Cats?

Karikari is an excellent safety. It would be huge for the Cats to acquire him. Impact Canadian safeties are not easy to find.

Oski wee Wee,

Yes But He is not a ''impact safety'' :lol: