Could it survive?

I would suggest many rule changes from the American Style of Arena League.

  1. The boards are not out of bounds.
  2. Have five downs with no first downs available.
  3. Some type of change with the Kick-offs.

Other changes as well but you get the idea.

The thing is we could have a lot of teams in smaller rink sized venues.

The hockey rinks have ice fro September to May. CFL is From June to November. All an arena league would do is compete with hockey and the CFL.

Personally, I'd love to see a Canadian Arena League.

Realistically, I'm dreaming, it wont happen in the next 10 years.(Or longer)

I'd love it. This might sound corny or sound like I'm a fruit cake but I can't get enough of watching guys in football gear go out and pound each other. No other sport has it, hockey is close but with those flimsy helmets they wear and the discussions after every almost every body check "that should have been a major penalty", boring, Christ guys get your act together in hockey for pete's sakes, and rugby, well, tough as nails but put some unies on guys, you look like a bit more dressed up soccer boys.