Could It Be? Adriano Belli Returns To Toronto!

In an unprecedented maneuver the Argos are looking at bringing Adriano Belli back to the line up. Good guy in the locker room but it seems like a very strange move - - Toronto already dresses 8 DLinemen each game, not sure if they plan on going with 9 DLinemen or what. Could have something to do with the NI ratio if Andrew Jones can't play this week.

Looks like it will be a three man NI rotation up front with Ricky Foley, David Lee and Belli splitting time. It defys logic to have your best pass rusher splitting time with an undrafted CIS rookie and now a guy who hasn't played in two years. Then again, the Argo defensive scheme calls for the defence to avoid pressuring the QB, so it might be part of the master plan.

Only the Toronto braintrust can explain how this might make any sense.

"Fit our system"? Should be interesting to see the coverage skills that Belli has for dropping back into pass defence like the rest of their DLine.

Jim Barker for executive of the year!

YUP ! hes back

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I predict he will get hurt by pulling a ligament in his big toe :roll:

Belli is an interior linesman. If he's kept in good shape and has the legs he's got plenty of experience and it will give Jones flexibility. These new moves bringing guys in for a playoff run are going to hurt veteran players in the long haul. It will make it even harder for them to get contracts. In Belli's case it probably works out well for him but in the other cases not so much.

Smart move by Toronto IMO. Can't hurt.

The money is in the post season bonus money, which he won't get if he gets nine gamed before the end of the season. This is a great move by Toronto.

Jones also knows Belli very well going back to their days in Montreal. Smart, low-cost, low-risk signing by Barker.

Sounds like a Desperation Move !

Costs them around 12k... for an experienced NI Dlinesman with fresh legs. No brainer.

And in related moves, Toronto releases DT Joe Cohen and DE Derrick Summers.

Now it costs them ZERO

"Fresh legs"...seriously? Might as well bring Mike O'Shea back to play LB. Imagine how "fresh" his legs would be after four years off.

Nice interview with Belli - - especially his comments on Ego Jones about 1:25 in

"Chris Jones is a complete a^^hole, but he's a great defensive mind"

I'd say Belli was half right with that comment.

I am glad to see the KB back.
In fact, I should have known something was up as on Friday here comes AB from the field up our aisle and stops to talk to my neighbour in front and me.
If he doesn't plant a wet one on each of our cheeks.
What a guy.

Kind of a crazy knee jerk reaction move but who knows crazy may be just the thing to get the defense going was my first thought. Then the Winnipeg O line dominated the Toronto D line as Simpson and Ford rushed for what over 200 yards in a CFL game. Ricky Ray and the offense played great but with Winnipeg rushing the ball like that it certainly kept the TOR O off the field. What do you think that the Riders are thinking this week with a better O line than Winnipeg and an equally quality RB in Sheets. Brandon West has not played much of the season but i would bet that if the Running game is that succesfull that Chamblin will have a package of plays on hand for the fresh legs of West much like the BBs had with Ford.