could i get to IWS from Hamilton Go Station?

i am a teenager that lives in Mississauga, i want to go to the game today but can't get a ride. I was just wondering if IWS is in walking distance of Hamilton Go Station?

It would be at least a 30-minute walk, but you could do it. The best bet is to grab a cab. Should cost you ten bucks at the most.Good luck!

do you have a Game Ticket??
If not Show Go Ticket to HSR Driver
if not the Hamilton Bus is Cheep
They should Reduce Rate for Go Train Riders.
If you a have Game Ticket the ride is Free.
2 hour before and 2 after the game.
Just show your ticket to the Driver

... and be careful you don't miss the last bus home!

I know the Toronto Express used to be around 11:00 pm - ya' gotta'leave the game early most nights! I can't imagine the last Mississauga bus is later than that!

I've been caught before! $75 cab ride to Toronto... and I was lucky! I just happened to grab a cab that was heading back that way!!!

But the walk from the station to IWS isn't too bad! BatlCat's right... about 30 minutes!

Have fun!

Ivor Wynne Stadium is a ten to fifteen minute bus ride from the Hamilton GO Station.

When you arrive at the Hamilton GO Station, take the following steps:

  1. Walk out the front entrance of the GO Station and you will see a street called Hughson Street straight ahead (you need to cross Hunter Street to get to it);

  2. Walk down Hughson Street to Main Street (a two minute walk);

  3. When you get to the corner of Hughson and Main, look to your right and you will see a bus shelter one block away;

  4. Take any bus that goes along Main Street to Gage Avenue;

  5. Get off the bus at Main and Gage and walk north along Gage Avenue to King Street (a two minute walk). If you start walking along Gage Avenue and you can see the Niagara Escarpment, you are walking south ;

  6. Turn left and walk along King Street for two blocks and you will see the stadium one block north of King Street.

  7. Enjoy the game!

  8. After the game, you can take the King Street bus back to King and Hughson and walk up Hughson Street to the Hamilton GO Station.

Or....continue walking north on Hughson St. across Main st. and accross King St. to the #2 and #3 HSR Bus stops .....

They take you to Barton & Balsom or Melrose on #2 Barton Bus ....or to Cannon and Melrose or Balsom with the #3 Cannon Bus.

Fare is $2.25 ($2.50 us).

Go Bus tickets are no good on HSR ,no discount.

Game day ticket is good for free ride on HSR as mentioned above two hours before and after game.

The Cannon bus is a good choice or you can wait in front of the Bingo Hall (King and Hughson) for the Ticat Express bus which, as pointed out earlier, will take you nonstop to IWS.

If you take the Ticat Express coming back from the game, ensure that you take the bus that goes downtown otherwise you could end up on the mountain.

thanks everyone this has all been very helpful, just a few more questions. does the HSR ride home take me to Hamilton Go Centre? and when does the last train leave from Hamilton Go?

I know the last GO bus out of Hamilton on weeknights leaves at 10:43 pm to meet the train East, not sure what time the lastt one leaves on weekends but if you go to you should be able to find a schedule there, would be the lakeshore East schedule.

Call Go for that one ....

And yes the #2 &#3 Bus take you back uptown near the Go station as does the Ti-Cat special Busses parked on Melrose (I believe)
providing you check with the driver of course of the Special Busses...get there early after game .

Hey ticats111 - If you can get to the Burlington GO station, I'll pick you up and drive you right to the game.

In fact, I'll even provide a ride home afterwards.

However, if you're NOT over 18, I'll need your folks to phone me to confirm that they're cool with this.

I know you shouldn't take rides from strangers, but there are plenty of people here who can vouch that I'm not a lunatic. lol.

I know you shouldn't take rides from strangers, but there are plenty of people here who can vouch that I'm not a lunatic. lol.
Relatively anyway....

Predictable. I figured some wise-acre would jump all over that. :wink: