Could Hitch be next?

With all of the vets being released as of late, and others not getting interest from the organization, could this be the end of Hitch in Hamilton?

Just a though...

I sure hope not.

I think they give him Chance to Retire 1st.
If He Said No They will cut him..


Should he be? No.

Yours in brevity,

If he can make it to camp, he should have the opportunity to earn a spot.

We'll see how this shakes down.

Oski Wee Wee,

Never. Hitch will still be playing in a wheel chair.

Indeed. Henley, Hitch, and Raymond Burr as Ironside would be a dream safeties depth chart for me. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wheelie,

he is too versatile, can play Lb,safety, special teams, anywhere they need plus he is canadian, and plays cheap. You need lots of them guys so they will keep him just for those reasons

Doesn’t Hitch have one year left on his contract?.. i think that Hitch should stay he was born in Hamilton and I think that’s why a lot of fans like him.He is an awesome player, and as it was said he can play more then one position which i would consider a positive. So, i think that Hitchcock should stay. :smiley: It would be very sad if they let Hitch go as well… :cry:

Hitch is Canadian so he will not be cut.

Russ, you crack me up. When are you moving back?

I've always liked players like Hitchcock--good, honest players who show up every game. But the truth is if he makes the team this year as anything more than a depth guy, the Cats will be in trouble again. And really, those depth spots should be used to groom younger guys for the future, not to keep ol' fan favorites around for another year.

An Argo fan

true about grooming the young players but not many young players being groomed can do what hitchcock can do. Linebacker, db, safety, special teams and he can run the defence. there always room for young players and finding room for them isnt a problem. We got Lumsden but didnt have to lose aidoo and we had ranak and holmes also. If someone doesnt make a lot of money there is room for them. he can back up more than one spot, thats why I think they will keep him around.

...and if he decides not to play this year, or the team decides not to let him play this year, please give serious consideration to a spot on the coaching staff for him (secondary coach? LB coach? Special teams coach?); I think Hitch has a bright future ahead in coaching.

There are probably going to be enough vets cut in Hamilton and Toronto to field a team in Ottawa

Hitch gives it all up on the field every game, every play.... He's always fun to watch. I hope he dosn't leave, and I hope the new coaches are smart enough to realize what he can do out there.... More time = better play......