Could have paid hard earned money to watch that spectacle

Yes sir folks I could have driven 1 hour one way and could have paid hard earned money to watch that sepectacle. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT At this point I don't know who are worse ----the coaches or the players!

Very creative. I'm impressed.

I'm not!!

Glad you didn't we don't need cancers like you in the stands Ticats played a good game against a good team

i had to go to the shaw festival today for a work-related function and i missed the whole game on tv
now i'm not as pissed for missing it
will the tiger-cats ever win again?

Certainly they will. It might or might not be this year, givcen the most explosive member of the offence (Jesse Lumsden) is down until 2008, and we need some serious help on the OLine and D backfield that will only be addressed with the end of the season, the draft, some trades and a coaching staff that the players and fans can have some confidence in.

Right now, I'd keep the players and fire every coach, but then I'd have to nominate replacements, and we have to wait to the end of the season to get to the good choices, so Taaffe and staff can probably bank on collecting their salaries, in spite of our apparant disgust with their collective performance...not that we will forget it!

To the original poster, was it "Compost?

Damn, but I'm sorry that you need drive an hour to an entertainment activity where you won't be taxed to pay for it.

I don't speak for the team or the City, let alone the League, but just from me, suck heads like you can stick it where the sun don't shine...

OMG I'm so sorry that youy need to drive a WHOLE HOUR to get to a game...imagine someone from Saskatoon (2.5 hours in favourable weather to Regina) or Prince Albert (add another hour and a half in EACH DIRECTION)

But of course, its all about you, isn't it, and why can't the Cats deliver up a win when you make that odious journey to IWS?

My thought is that you might get with the "Real World", but there's not much hope of that, is there?

And you are exactly the type of person who will claim you stuck through it when they were losing when they turn it around and become a contending team in a few years.

Having a losing team is still 10x better than having no team at all.

Did you actually just start a thread to tell us that you didn't go to the game?? Who cares? I went and I'll be going for the rest of them and all of them next year. Wait I should have started a thread about it. :roll:

Perhaps if you'd gone to the game, you'd know.

he made a smart decision to not waste his money and encourage this team to continue with inept football. The team needs to know that fans are staying away. If you and fans like you keep giving them your money they will never win, they will just continue to make profit and not care.

Hmmmmm, interesting hypothesis. The thing that doesn't fit in is this - if a team is content to coast, wouldn't they change almost nothing from one losing year to the next (like, say, the Leafs) instead of changing almost everything? With the cost of recruiting/scouting, etc., you'd think that standing pat would be a lot easier and less expensive than making 50 changes. :?

the changes they make are almost always to save money and almost never to get better. And they are just so much better arent they?

Rebounder, can you do my taxes next year? I'm pretty sure I'm paying too much right now. :wink:

Reboundrr you forgot to mention that after evertyone shows their discontent and stops going we can just fold the franchise and not worry about the mistakes they’ve made.

Let me guess - you guys and gals are probably Leaf fans too. Get over yourselves - I've been following this team since 1960. So if I have offended you - TOO BAD SO SAD.- THAT'S WHY THIS FORUM WAS CREATED - AS A POTENTIAL PAYING CUSTOMER - I LIKE TO GET VALUE FOR MY DOLLAR.


No one has a problem with you not going. But to post that just for the sake of posting it serves no purpose.

Calling me a leaf fan was just downright mean. You, by your own admission are NO LONGER a paying customer and I am so my opinion means more than yours NANANANANA.

Now that was nice boehamgirl.... lol...

So we should all support a team that is showing they will not do what it takes to put a winner on the field because of the fear that it might fold? While they rake in the cash? We heard that for 30 years and it didnt work, bob said he wouldnt do it, dont give him any ideas. A good team is what people should pay to see. Someone said the other day that bob said when he bought the team that "if the fans dont come it isnt there fault, its our fault". Bob and the management read these forums, someone stating he has better ways to spend his money is fine by me. How many others agree with this person? about 8 thousand maybe? just a guess but pretty close judging it was the most empty that stadium has looked since bob took over.