Could easily be 6-2

Catch here catch there, penalty not called here not called there, throw made here, throw made there, etc.......

This team is better than we think minus the mistakes.

[i]No, they are not. To quote Denis Green, they are who we thought they are!


Pick-six per game here, 8 sacks there, 3 sacks here, 100 penalties there.... :lol:

I agree with Johnny. At some point, you are what your record says you are. This offense wouldn't frighten a five-year-old.

Time will tell. Lions were missing their MVP Elimimaim.

Up next the Cats at THF.

Als have also yet to play the Argos this season and another game against the Esks.

Not to mention that they have already lost the season series to the REDBLACKS......Translation-they have to finish with at least 1 more pt than the RB's on the season because a tie in points means that Ottawa finishes ahead of them in the standings regardless,which means that a Western crossover might be this teams only hope this year for the play-offs.

The short yardage game has to get a lot better. Yes, having Marsh in there helps but we’re still fighting tooth and nail just for a few inches and we still turned the ball over on downs once. Those situations should be automatic most of the time. The fact that we’re so ineffective at something we had no trouble with last year leads me to believe that Schonert hasn’t installed good blocking schemes for the O-line. With Sutton, Rutley, Marsh, and an extra lineman for the jumbo set, there is no reason we can’t convert on these plays. Eight games in, nearly half the season gone, NO EXCUSES.

It would also be nice to use the short passes and screen game more often to get the ball out of Cato’s hands and stop him from taking sacks. That first game against Calgary in week 2, Schonert drew up a good plan for Cato. Since then, the game plans have been worse and worse. Against Hamilton, it’s going to be extra-important to beat the blitz with quick outs and screens and a sustained commitment to running the ball and attacking Hamilton’s perimeter. If Schonert serves up the same garbage he did last time – forcing Cato to stand in the pocket waiting for intermediate routes to develop without any hot reads, pass protection help, or screen game – we’ll be slaughtered, and Cato will likely get injured.

A perfect example of why Denny Green is no longer an NFL coach. He did have one good year in 1998 in the Twin Cities with skill players Randall Cunningham, Robert Smith, Cris Carter and oh yeah, that rookie from Marshall by the name of Randy Moss. But like most good Viking teams that went before, their playoff loss to Atlanta in the Metrodome kept them out of the Super Bowl.

Team could be 8-0 with these kinds of arguments. When your offense is last in the league you are what your record is.

" I have a dream" :rockin:

The question for me is: is the offense fixable, or do we just not have the horses?

  • I think Cato should progress as the season moves on, as a rookie does
  • We can start relying more on the run, as we did in BC.. hoping against hope that the OC finally gets that

On the other hand:

  • You can't teach speed, and our receivers have none.. can't take as much advantage of the new rules like the opposition is
  • I have my doubts about the O-line.. those 3rd & 1's weren't just about the rookie QB not being good at sneaks, Marsh didn't have it easy either, and I still remember how they were totally owned vs. HAM last time, afraid of a repeat next week. We've lost a few good ones the last few years, I feel like it's no longer the team strength it once was
  • And I think we still all have our doubts about Schonert :wink:

It's really odd.. at the same time looking at the putrid offensive production I feel like we are every bit the last team their record says they are, then I think back to each loss (even against the supposed top teams this year) and we're right there with them while playing this poorly and I think we have as good a shot as any if we can just bring up the offense from mediocre to fair.
I'm all over the place :wink:

And yet they still beat the two GC finalists, and should have won their last four games combined.

And do I dare mention they won in a city where they hadn't won in 15 years?

The future bright when you take off those dark shades and see the light.

Those two games against Grey Cup finalists were both very poorly played by said GC finalists. If you call beating a good team on an off night a sign of greatness, then you're really grasping at straws there.

Every team, no matter how good or bad, has at least two horrible games each season, and those games were one of those losses for each GC finalist.

Montreal has a great D, but that's about it.

You can't get to the GC with no O.

Exactly. And even in the second win, the offense was turgid for a whole half and we barely escaped with a win.'ll rarely hear Rod Black using that word.

I think the receivers are getting a bad rap. Am I the only one who's noticed the lack of pre-snap movement by receivers. Only time they are in motion is when we run the ball. Talk about telling your opponent what your doing... Sure it would be nice to have a burner like Carter but I don't think we are that "slow"

I just posted today that I don't like what our receivers do pre-snap. No picks or rubs, no creativity in their angles, just sprint up to the line and go. Easy to read and defend.