Could Dyce move to Special Teams Co.

The reports are that Dyce is staying with the Riders under what capacity has not been announced yet but I could see him moving over from OC to Special Teams Coordinator.

That could be a possibility, but then again Dyce may/could be in charge of the running backs also. As far as D-Line and Special Teams coach - who knows; I believe the Riders are working on/out a contract for someone [as we speak]to be announced by the end of the month....Bob Wylie is my guess for O-Line coach.

Possible, but Chamblin has been pretty vocal about his desire to give DD some consistentcy in that area and get away from the revolving door he has seen s. ince becoming starter. I see him thereby being rb coach. I think Cortez was a bad move.

Durant is extremely happy that cortez is onboard. a happy QB makes a good offense. You saw that in Hamilton. 2011 Burris lost his starting job. 2012 Burris and Cortez back together and Burris 5,000 passing yards leads the CFL in TD passes.

Chamblains press conference yesterday announced that they have an O line coach just working out the details. No word on special teams coach though

Rod Pederson on twitter; One other name that's floating around for the O-Line coach is Doug Malone.