Could Detroit get a CFL team?

Since the NFL Lions suck and just ended up with a winless 0-16 season, could we get a CFL team? Even a CFL team doesn't get this bad! And please don't let them be owned by William Clay Ford either!! :?

if any american team i could see it being Detroit. location, location location

Probably not in the next 20 years.......... :roll: :roll:

Detroit and Cleveland would make cities for the CFL.

I have no problem with some American teams in the CFL, as long as the CFL teams outnumber the American teams by about a 3 to 1 margin and are totally committed with excellent ownership credentials, that's all I ask.

But Lions fans in Detroit, hang in there in the NFL, your time will come, it has to, might take a while, you have a great stadium, ownership I don't know but surely he is pretty good even if your team isn't winning, hopefully anyways.

I dont think we should take either team. We have the Cats and Argos... our version of Detroit and Cleveland... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Gleiberman's bought the lifetime CFL territorial rights for the Detroit area several years back. So any prospective franchishees would have to deal with Lonie first. And no, they can't use the Rough Riders name.

From the 'Just when you thought it was safe to back into the water' department, will the Gleiberman's never go away? :?

Let's not forget the ridiculousness of 2 sets of rules within the same league when the American teams were allowed to dress a full team of USA born players due to USA labour laws. No American team should be allowed to play in the CFL unless everyone plays by the same rules.

The Gleibermans have actually re surfaced in Winnipeg under a new name.

Detroit has 21 % unemployment (conservative figure). Average house in Detroit has depreciated to $18.500 US....

I don't think anything will save the NFL in Detroit. But i do think a CFL team which has a much lower operating cost could succeed there....

The Gliebermans could work with a team in the US as I think the people there can understand their culture of marketing better than Canadians do, honestly, ie. Mardi Gras probably fine there. Just some cultural differences.

As for rules, let American teams play with an all-American squad, fine in my books.

Hey now, the Cats aren't as bad as the D Lions... not yet, anyway. If anything, they're the Oakland Raiders of the CFL. :smiley:

Laugh now boys, laugh now, the Cats are going to be back to respectability sooner than later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

I don't think I would have any respect for the CFL if they ever welcomed Lonie Glieberman back
in any capacity.

As far as the Cats go, regardless of their '09 record, I found most of their games pretty entertaining.

Those two sets of rules,cost calgary the 95 Grey cup. Baltimore had was able to start all americans and Calgary had to play thier canadian players. That was the biggest joke in the history of the cfl. If Baltimore and the American teams would have stayed,they would have dominated the league, for a long time. They were just starting to figure out the rules and the quirks of the cfl.

We are just over a month into the off season and you take cheap shots like this at us? Yes the Ticats have been bad over the past few years but I seem to recall the Roughriders also toiling in the basement for years on end and only drawing 24,000.

Everyteam goes through a cycle of winning and losing in the CFL. As for the NFL, Detroit has made the playoffs once in the last 20 years at least and the Browns have only been once or twice. They are perennial losers in the NFL, they show a flash for a year (like both did last year) and then they fall back down to the basement.

I realize that this is your opinion but I would check the history books before we start slinging mud. I believe the Roughriders have only won 3 Grey Cups, the least in the CFL, can we all call them the biggest losers in the league because they have won the least Grey Cups? Let's do it.


Wow...someone has no sense of humour this morning...

It's more than that, Earl. It's poor personel decisions made for all the wrong reasons. I think very few people would get excited at the pursuit of Ryan Leaf regardless of whether it was done in the US or in Canada, to use an Ottawa example. There's no way you can see moves like that and think that your team is in good hands.

The only thing the Gliebermans would have going for them if they had a team in Detroit is that they're from the area, but that will only get you so far if all you ever do is display how inept you are.

That's just it. Even if it favoured the Canadian teams, I hate that there would have to be two sets of rules, or that you mind end up with size issues with some fields again. Everyone needs to play under the same conditions (which is also why I would be opposed to a greater American content as part of an expansion team stocking plan for Ottawa).