Could Chris Streveler join the Bombers on the eve of the playoffs?

Cut by the Cardinals just as the CFL playoffs begin seems very coincidental. I'm surprised that teams can just go out and sign key players after the trade deadline, right before the playoffs.

As the CFL is a cap league, seems there should be a rule to address this.

I understand it's football and players get hurt often, so the need to sign players comes up. But being able to add a player that was a big part of the last championship, right before the playoffs, after the salary cap impacts doesn't sit right.

Doesn't seem right. Don't think you can do that in the NHL. What about the NFL. There has to be a limit.

There's nothing wrong with it. I don't think that there's any rule against it in any other leagues either but could be wrong. If one thinks about it, if you can't make a trade and you don't have a farm team, how else do you bring in a body if you need one?

I'm not sure if Duke Williams was signed after the deadline or not, I do not recall, but Begelton definitely was. Nothing wrong with that. If the Bombers want to bring in Streveler now, let them. I suppose that he's an upgrade on who they have now but if he plays for them you can cut one-third of their offense right out of the playbook. I'm actually shocked that Arizona would even give a guy with no deep ball a chance at all let alone for that long.

I like Streveler, he's fun to watch, but he has no future leading any team with his skill set. He had a good run, a good sample size in 2019, and it proved that Winnipeg was an excellent team with a QB that could make all the throws (Nichols or Collaros) and were one-dimensional and average at best without one (Streveler).


Hmm, Strev just made a couple million$ playing a couple of NFL seasons in the warm climate of Arizona.
I just can't see him jumping on a plane to fly to frigid WPG to be a backup in a playoff game in December and then possibly go to HAM for a $8K losers cheque in the Grey Cup


Does anyone know the eligibility for players in the playoffs?
I know in MLB, a player has to have been on the 26- or 40-man roster for a specific period of time before becoming eligible for post-season play.

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I'm not well versed in the rules myself, but teams do have practice rosters to draw from if needed.

As one example I know for sure, baseball has a deadline for when a team acquires a player to be "playoff eligible". Any player acquired after that date can only practice and play in the minors, and cant be on the major league roster until the following year.

Meh . So let them sign him . I for one could personally care less if they do . The guy is nothing more than a glorified running back with a ten cent arm who is lucky if he can throw an accurate pass , that is if it's only 5 or 10 yards down field .

As someone else in here said and I agree , it's hard to believe that this noodle armed one trick pony was ever signed and actually made an NFL roster in the first place .

I also think we can all agree that if the BB's never picked up Collaros and we had've faced them with Streveller as their starter in the Grey Cup instead that we 1000 % would've CRUSHED them . There is no doubt in my mind about it .


Maybe I'm misremembering or am traumatized still from the GC. While streveler may not be individually great, I do recall him being a key piece of the offensive, splitting with Collaros.

Our D had no answer, Collaros on passing plays and Streveler on running.

Could Winnipeg simply plug and play any QB in Streveler's place and still be as unstoppable?


Nothing against Streveler but ....

Was surprised too when other great CFL QB's have never been given a shot but him being basically a back up guy in the CFL was given a shot shows how weird the relationship is with the NFL talent pool .

He isn't the only example either over the years .

The size factor and running must have been the reason


They won 9 games in a row (most by blowout) without him ...


Yup . Basically it's how do you spell Streveler ? and the answer is...W-i-l-d-c-a-t


You are discounting Winnipeg's D which crushed us. Streveler played pretty well against us in that game. Had us looking for run and he made some passes which hurt.


I would like to see a time limit on when players can parachute into the season and playoffs. In an 18 game season something like a full stop after game 16. There could be conditions in there that stipulate injury provisions such as both QB's being hurt but only up to the regular season final week. The playoffs should be a no go under any situation. Put the pressure on the GM's to build a team as deep as possible while staying under the cap.


Let's go back to the last game we played Winnipeg pre Collaros in that 2019 season . The game was played in their park , their QB that day was Streveler and the final score was an almost identical score to the one in the Grey Cup only reversed . We beat them that day by a 33-13 final score . Flashforward to the Grey Cup and with Collaros now at the helm the score was basically reversed with us losing 33-12 .

The defence by the way was the same for the Peg in game one as it was in game two . Two very different results though . The difference between the two games ? The quarterback who started in game one was the difference .

I'll even go you one further and say that if the BB's never traded for Collaros when they did that the team in all probability would never have even been close to making the Grey Cup if they stuck with Streveler as their starter .

Curious if anyone knows
Would the cap apply?

People screamed murder in NHL because Lightning brought back Kucherov and went millions over the cap

Is the CFL the same?

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Bring him to Hamilton.

The Ticats should get Lucky Whitehead and Bryan Burnham from BC and also Dedmon from OTT for the playoffs

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Streveler would most likely have to quarantine for 14 days once crossing the border. So he may be barely available for Grey Cup. I believe at this point inserting him into the BB lineup would disrupt team chemistry.

Michael O'Shame is too smart to do any such thing.

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That's a good observation, I'm not overly familiar with Streveler other then the GC. Collaros was probably the bigger factor, but even then I'd go to our record vs. ZC while he was Sask and Tor before Winnipeg. I don't remember us having such trouble aganist him then.

I guess have to chalk it up to Winnipeg game planning us perfectly that evening.

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And he could probably sign with another NFL team. Just being on the practice roster he is financially ahead of anything Winnipeg could offer.