Could Cam Wake end back in the CFL after the NFL Draft???

Miami is said to be looking for Outside Linebackers If they Draft One
Could we see wake back in the CFL ?
It would be real outside shot.
He could sign with another NFL Team
Buffalo Minnesota two team of the teams that tried to sign him before Miami

Thoughts I think it is a long shot but he would look great in Black and Gold

Nope, the guy had 6 sacks as a backup/situational pass rusher. He wont be back in this league, he's just too talented.

With Porter gone he'll probably see his pass rushing role increased if anything.

Not a chance. Wake is loved by Parcells and the staff down in Miami. They lost Porter and Taylor and need pass rushers desperately. Wake fits that role perfectly. They might go after an OLB in the draft, but that won't stop Wake from taking the field. Miami plays a 3-4 defense which calls for speed edge rushers at the OLB position. I expect that Wake will be a starter in Miami for a long time.

Found this interesting interview by Cameron Wake.

^^thanks for the interview^^

Just watched the interview very nice to see him still respecting the Cfl even after goiing to the NFL lots of respect for that

Cam Wake will start for the Dolphins this year.

Yup, even during the draft weekend the panel said that he would definitely start this year and these guys are no idiots.Like how he still rocks the CFL sandals :smiley: