Could Blackouts Happen in Hamilton?

I was reading this article today and was wondering if blackouts could happen in Hamilton this year.

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One could argue that the TiCats were "blackedout" for 9 games in Hamilton last season!

Nothing at all in that article indicates that the Cats (or anyone other that the Green Riders)are considering blackouts! The league finally learned that having your games on the tube is like a free, 3-hour commercial!

Mind you, they lost a whole generation of fans before they learned that lesson! The Roughies are still community-owned and their braintrust have the same archaic mindset which nearly sank the league in the late 70’s and 80’s…

I’m only a CFL fan because I grew up in New Brunswick, wasn’t affected by blackouts, and didn’t get NFL games on Sundays!

I was looking at TSNs schedule this season and I believe we will only get 4 away games on tv this season . Isnt that the worst thing for the CFL to do ?? You cant go a few weeks with no home games and then when you do come back home alot of newbies have moved on to something else . Blackouts of home games woul dbe even worse . Especially if the Cats get out of the gates fast this season !!!!

habman, according to the schedule on the site here every game is televised. The ones that aren't on TSN are on CBC.

everygame this year will b televised@!!

i thought scott mitchell's comments smacked a little bit of the old yachetti/michaluk desperation: support or else.
i thought we were past that ...

Really the only people that deserve to watch the game are the ones that buy a ticket. If its sold out then fine it should be on tv for sure. Its not like tickets are expensive...I think 18 bucks for an endzone seat and like $170 or $180 for a season ticket.

I don't think that Mr. Mitchell was trying to threaten the fans into buying tickets, the front office seem to be fully confident in their plan set out for the year and that tickets will be sold.

That said, I think AZ has a point, only those that show their support for this team should have the chance to see them. For those individuals that have decided to give up their season tickets and "wait to jump back on the wagon" when the team has success, should not be rewarded for abandoning the team.

I have renewed but I have no intention of sitting thru another disaster like the 9 I witnessed last season. I'll watch at home when the weather is bad unless they are very very very very good. Last season was the final straw for me. I'll never punish myself again battling the elements to watch a miserable 3rd rate effortless embarrassing performance

Well, if the C.F.L. didn’t want any T.V. revenues, I guess that would make sense?

...while I can appreciate what you are saying, to a point, I would also disagree.

If you think the Seasons ticket are what keep these team going think again. The derived from TV also contributes to the livelyhood of each team and also assist with marketing the team within their borders.
It also helps some fans that have tickets to games but then can't go (for whatever etc)but they could always catch the score or a part of the game on the tube if it's available.
Blackouts can contribute to be the death of the CFL!


Blackouts are only local so even when a team blacks out a game the rest of the province and country still get to watch.
They'd have zero effect on tv revenues.

....Like I didn't know that :roll:

I think you missed the substance of what I was saying....TV also contributes to the livelyhood of each team and also assist with marketing the team within their borders.

But thanks for the continual / typical Ticat fan "I can prove someone wrong" mentality...VERY typical and un needed.


Couldnt agree more Rich. As someone else said earlier in this thread, having the games on TV amounts to a 3 hour long commercial (and one you get paid for showing, not having to pay!). The local blackout effectively takes away that marketing opportunity to the area most likely to buy tickets.

And look at the last few years. Since Bob has owned the team, there has been no blackouts, and the attendance as been the highest ever.