Could be the Worse Game Yet

When an opposing team takes over 170 yards in pentalties and has 3 turnovers a HALF DECENT team buries them. We lose the game by giving them extra chances and turning the ball right back over… :o :o

Add to that the fact that we finally stretch the field and our receivers can not catch the ball. How many times did the ball bounce off the receivers hands or fingertips (the old saying “if it hits your hands you should catch it”). Special teams looks more and more brutal (with exception of Yeast on returns). Morreale has a better punting average than our punter and of course “Bend it like Boreham” can’t hit anything past 30 yards. And to help out his confidence the first time we are in field goal position we have our punter punt the ball (didn’t need to worry about kikcing it in the endzone he was 45 yards out). Somehow we get a bounce and a turnover out of that fiasco - only to take pentalties to get a field goal.
Like I said – HALF DECENT teams would have burried Montreal last night.
Can not see anything real positive from the game nor to games to come.

A very FRUSTRATED, venting Cat fan

They need time to "gel". You know new OC, QB, Receivers. Perhaps by labour day they can put a solid game together. It doesn't guarantee a win though. Win a couple by seasons end and be very positve going into next season.

Does Winnipeg have a new coach?
and coaches? changes in personnel? system? Let's see 2-1 and score over 50 in the last game. They seem to be gelling pretty fast. :? :?

Right, need time to "gel". Heard this before and don't think it is cutting any longer with me. 4 games into the season, ok, the "gel" word worked. From now on no more "gel" stuff, we either play well enough to win or we don't play well enough along with the coaching.

The team’s defeating themselves, pressing too hard and taking stupid penalties because of it. If you’re playing in a kind of ‘panic’ mode you do dumb things. This is where coaching comes in. It’s not just about X’s and O’s. Their’s a psychology that all teams have and they take their cues from the coaching staff. Right now Marshall looks chased. They need someone who can better supply calm and ordered leadership. I really think they need to bring in a new coach.
Marshall’s been giving plenty of opportunity to make it work and he hasn’t done it.

Maybe they can "GEL" by sometime next year.

This season is no different from the rest. I have been a Ti-Cat fan since the mid 70s and have been going to games since the late 70s. I've probably seen 6 or 7 winning years(wins over losses) and 2 Grey Cups. I'm tired of watching them lose year after year. I've seen more winning years from the Als since they moved there from Baltimore, they are consistent winners.

This team needs to string together some winning seasons even if they don't win the Cup they need to win 10 ,11 or 12 games and contend.

I've never been sold on Marshall as a good head coach and I don't want Paopao either. If they wanted to experiment they should have given the reins to someone like Rich Stubler or someone else that has been around the league for a while and has learned from others.

It's great to bring in new players but if the coaching staff doesn't know what to do with them what's the use of bringing them in?

I too am tired of hearing "they need time to gel"! Yes it is expected that a football team, any team for that matter needs develop a rapport with one and other but our organization may want to look at teams like Winnipeg this year and Calgary of last year. Both these organization are and were newly built teams and they are doing and did very well. For those of us that are anxious to see a winning team, maybe someone can tell us how long this "gelling" period takes before positve results?