Could be speculation but...

The Al's released vet. DB Stanford Samuels today and the Ticats released rookie DB Lenny Wicks today...Could it be?
I sure as hell hope so :lol:

Bring Samuels to Hamilton! :thup:

Last thing i remember about Stanford Samuels is him getting burned all day in the season opener against Saskatchewan. Considering we're developing guys like Heyward and Hinds, i'll pass on Samuels.

Fair enough, but considering that our secondary's the weakest part of our team and Samuels is coming from a tightly run ship/winning program and has lot's of experience with multiple teams..
It'd be cool if we got him and started him over Shivers.

Not sure if Samuels qualifies, but the reason for him being cut by the Als could be the fact that any veteran of 6 or more seasons, cut by a team after Game 9 of a season, is guaranteed his full year's salary.