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has there ever been a time when the worst team in the league had 5 wins? How about 6?

Go sask and tor :cowboy:

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But to answer you question, league worst at 5 wins has happened multiple times over history. 6 wins is rarer, last time was 2001 when Saskatchewan had 6 wins, before that was 1990 when both B.C. and Hamilton had 6 wins...

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in 1983 a 5-10 Ticats made the playoffs ( I am sure there is more ) and they only missed a shot at the grey cup by 5 points after winning the semi final.

in 1981 the Al's made the play offs with just 3 wins ( the riders with 9 wins and Calgary with 6 wins where left out )

in 1981 the Al's made the play offs with just 3 wins ( the riders with 9 wins and Calgary with 6 wins where left out )
unbelievable. :o This preceded the crossover rule I gather.. And the 1981 hapless Argos only had two wins, which provided the Als a playoff spot. Not to mention, the Als won only 3 games with the high profile NFL free agent QB Vince Ferragamo at the helm. (arguably the biggest bust in CFL history)

When did crossover come into effect BTW?

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Actually a 5 win team almost beat the powerhouse Eskimos in the GC game that year... the Ottawa Rough Riders led the Esks 20-3 at halftime... just goes to show that anything can happen in the CFL...

The Refs rode to the Esks rescue with a awful call on Gabriel in the dying minutes of that game!

Double PI calls in that game mind you...30 years ago; Dave Cutler the last of the straight on Field Goal kickers.


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